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Better Than Ezra singer plans Franklin music festival - The Tennessean

The TennesseanBetter Than Ezra singer plans Franklin music festivalThe TennesseanNearly a year later, Griffin and Dallas-based festival co-producer W. Brandt Wood debuted their plans for the Pilgrimage Music and Cultural Festival to city aldermen for input, more than a year before the first musical chord is ever played at the two ...

Green Bay setting stage for new summer music fest - Green Bay Press Gazette

Music fans could soon have a new festival in Green Bay to put on their summer calendars.

Inspired by the successful Mile of Music festival in nearby Appleton, Green Bay civic leaders are making plans to launch a similar event next year.

Mayor Jim Schmitt has proposed allocating $50,000 in city funds to help create an event that he hopes will put Titletown on the summer festival map.

A new civic organization called Strike A Chord Inc. hopes to present live musical performances at multiple venues throughout the community over a weekend, tentatively scheduled for next June.

The group, which includes veterans of Green Bay's musical scene and past local festivals, wants to showcase local performers and rekindle interest in homegrown talent.

'Green Bay has had a rich musical heritage,' said Gary Anderle, president of Strike A Chord. 'All of this has kind of been forgotten.'

Fans enjoy a performance at The Bar during the Mile of Music festival this summer in Appleton. (Photo: File/Gannett Wisconsin Media )

Anderle was previously involved in Bayfest, a popular yearly festival that ceased in 2012.

If the new event becomes a money-maker, organizers would like to dedicate the proceeds to supporting local musicians and opening a new Wisconsin Music Hall of Fame in Green Bay.

To get the new event started, Schmitt is asking the City Council to include $50,000 in the city's 2015 budget. Final council action on the budget is scheduled for Nov. 12.

Schmitt said he envisions a festival that features numerous musical styles performed at venues throughout the city - some indoors, some outdoors - with mass transit available to shuttle spectators throughout the community.

Phil Davis performs with The Emperors of Wyoming during the Mile of Music festival this summer in Appleton.(Photo: File/Gannett Wisconsin Media )

The mayor said the event would start small, but he hopes it would grow into a major cultural attraction repeated annually.

'We're not going to start out with a Summerfest,' he said, referring to Milwaukee's enormous lakefront festival. 'Every event we have here started out small.'

The Strike A Chord organization also includes Green Bay Alderman Mark Steuer, as well as Tom Neuser, Cherie Burke, Ross Maxwell and Jimmy Crimmins.

The group has been meeting for several months and has calculated that it will take about $350,000 to finance the festival. The group plans to form a nonprofit corporation and seek out donations.

Mile of Music creator Dave Willems has stepped forward and offered to help.

In just its second year, Mile of Music this summer attracted 35,000 spectators over four days and featured more than 200 performers at various venues along one of Appleton's main thoroughfares.

Willems voiced confidence that Green Bay could enjoy similar success by creating an event based on Titletown's own unique personality. Saying there is no reason to worry about competition with Mile of Music, Willems said he is willing to offer assistance.

'Obviously we've learned a lot,' he said. 'We'd be happy to talk further and share some of that.'

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Brad Paisley to play at the Mountain Home County Music Festival -

By On Your Side Newsroom. CREATED 9:42 AM

The Mountain Home Country Music Festival may be in 2015, but the promoters have just announced that Brad Paisley will be playing at the event.

Brad Paisley will play his guitar to an estimated 20,000 plus concert goers alongside Blake Shelton, Florida Georgia Line, Thompson Square, Parmalee, Lonestar and others.

The festival is being held 20 miles north of Mountain Home and is being financed by Bi-Mart which helped organize the Willamette County Music Festival in Brownsville, Oregon and Cape Blanco Music Festival in Sixes, Oregon according to the Idaho Statesman.

For more information on the event you can visit their page here, and check on updates through their Facebook here.

Entities 0 Name: Oregon Count: 2 1 Name: Brad Paisley Count: 2 2 Name: Lonestar Count: 1 3 Name: Side Newsroom Count: 1 4 Name: Parmalee Count: 1 5 Name: Willamette County Music Festival Count: 1 6 Name: Mountain Home Count: 1 7 Name: Bi-Mart Count: 1 8 Name: Blake Shelton Count: 1 9 Name: Cape Blanco Music Festival Count: 1 10 Name: Florida Georgia Line Count: 1 11 Name: Brownsville Count: 1 12 Name: Thompson Square Count: 1 13 Name: Idaho Count: 1 Related 0 Url: Title: New country music festival coming to Harrington Description: Alex Pires' live entertainment company chose the spot behind door No. 2 - the Delaware State Fairgrounds in Harrington - to inaugurate a three-day country music festival in August 2015. The Dewey Beach businessman's company, Highway One, is set to announce details of the Aug.

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Big Pine Music Festival in the books - The Albany Herald

ALBANY - Now that last weekend's first ever Big Pine Music Festival is a wrap, organizers say the festival might continue in future years but likely not in Albany, due to poor attendance.

Put on by Albany's ThreeForty Creative Group, Big Pine was envisioned as a two-day festival featuring close to 40 locally and nationally known artists that would hopefully grow into an annual event in Albany and serve as a showcase for a variety of up-and-coming, as well as established, talent across a variety of genres.

In order for that to happen, however, the company needed the first year to be somewhat of a success. According to ThreeForty's Justin Andrews, the promoters were hoping for attendance numbers around 2,000, which would virtually ensure a second year.

As it turns out, Big Pine attendance fell far short of that target despite what Andrews and his partner, Evan Barber, felt were very reasonable ticket prices and a diverse lineup. Early-bird tickets, which were still available as recently as 10 days prior to the event, were only $35 for the entire weekend, and after that weekend passes were $50, a single-day ticket $30.

'We really felt like it was affordable,' said Andrews. 'Folks spend $35 to take their families to a movie, so a weekend full of music for that is a good deal.'

In addition to the affordable ticket prices, Andrews said everything about the event went as smoothly as it could have. He noted the weather was good, there were no issues with sound or lights, and there were no incidents with crowds, three things that can make or break an event.

'We had no issues, no arrests, not a single problem,' said Andrews. 'The Albany Police Department was great. They get it. The city of Albany was extremely good to us. Local businesses really got behind us, too. As far as the festival itself, it was a tremendous success, according to the people who attended. Since it ended, I have gotten lots of emails, texts and phone calls from people telling me how much fun it was and how clean and well-organized. That's what we were hoping for. But we had a terrible turnout.'

Andrews estimates roughly 800 people attended each day of the festival, and with many of the same people coming Saturday and Sunday, attendance was nowhere near what organizers had hoped for, putting the festival's future in Albany in danger.

Without giving specific numbers, Andrews said it takes around six figures to put on a festival like Big Pine, and with last weekend's attendance numbers the company suffered a loss, which has the promoters looking at alternative sites for future festivals.

Andrews said the company has already gotten phone calls from other cities wanting to hold an event like Big Pine, and he said he thinks putting it on somewhere else is the only way to grow the festival into an annual event.

'We want to keep Big Pine going, and there's a lot of people who believe in it,' said Andrews. 'But we can't keep taking a beating. Right now, it doesn't look like we'll be doing it in Albany if we do it again. We're looking to move it.'

As for why Albanians didn't turn out, Andrews is at a loss.

'We do (festivals) at places all over the Southeast, and we wanted to do something in Albany,' he said. 'I don't why it is people in Albany don't support things. We wanted it so bad, and we couldn't even get support from our own town. Maybe it's festivals, I don't know.'

Despite Big Pine's future being up in the air, Andrews said ThreeForty has not given up on Albany and will continue to move forward with plans to produce one-off events and single concerts, which have proven to be successful.

He stressed, however, that even with single concerts, attendance will be critical if Albany wants to have larger acts come to town.

'A lot of the artists at Big Pine can draw 2,000 people by themselves in most places they play,' he said. 'When we can't get that many for the whole weekend to see 30-something bands, that's tough. Here we are trying to put Albany on the map, and nobody shows up. It's embarrassing.'

Entities 0 Name: ALBANY Count: 12 1 Name: Andrews Count: 9 2 Name: Justin Andrews Count: 1 3 Name: Evan Barber Count: 1 4 Name: ThreeForty Creative Group Count: 1 5 Name: Big Pine Count: 1 6 Name: Southeast Count: 1 7 Name: Albany Police Department Count: 1 Related 0 Url: Title: Top 10 music festivals for winter breaks Description: Brittany, land of terrifying coastlines, proto-brutalist second world war defensive bunkers and an impenetrable regional dialect. During Transmusicales you can expect to be bussed past a rusting Sud Aviation Caravelle plane parked at the end of Rennes airport's runway and left at a warehouse full of cider-swigging, chain-smoking locals losing their minds to, among others, local indie heroes Gandi Lake from up the road in Caen.

New York City Gets a Country Music Festival - New York Times

Brad Paisley, Dwight Yoakam, Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley will be among the main attractions at FarmBorough, a new country music festival coming to New York City over three days in June.

The festival, planned for June 26 through 28 on Randalls Island, was announced on Wednesday by Live Nation Entertainment and the New York concert promoter Founders Entertainment, which are presenting it in partnership.

The country genre, led by a new generation of stars like Mr. Paisley, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton and - until her recent move to pure pop - Taylor Swift, has been surging in popularity for years; on the radio, it has supplanted Top 40 as the most popular format. But even while data have repeatedly shown that New York is a big market for country, the genre's identification with Nashville and with rural life has historically made it a tough sell in the city.

'Everybody has the big myth that New York City for some reason has not been a supportive country music market,' said Brian O'Connell, Live Nation's president for country touring, 'but it's just not true.'

Mr. O'Connell pointed to recent touring successes in New York, like sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden by Mr. Shelton, Mr. Bryan and Eric Church. Tours like those have been helped by promotion on WNSH, known as Nash FM (94.7), which in early 2013 became the first country radio station in New York in 17 years, although its ratings have been modest.

Among the other performers expected for FarmBorough are Brandy Clark, Kip Moore, Randy Houser, Ashley Monroe, Maddie & Tae, Wade Bowen and the Cadillac Three. Tickets will be sold only as three-day passes costing $225, not including fees. They go on sale next Thursday.

Founders Entertainment has had a fast rise in New York as the presenter of the Governors Ball Music Festival, which started on Governors Island in 2011 as a one-day event and has grown into a major music weekend. The festival moved to Randalls Island in 2012, and in its most recent edition, in June, featured Outkast, the Strokes, Vampire Weekend, Jack White and Skrillex.

By presenting both festivals at the same space a few weeks apart - the Governors Ball will be June 5 through 7 - the promoters will be able to save money through some logistical synergies, they said.

Festivals in and around New York have had a troubled history, with most failing after just a year or two. All Points West, for example, was presented in 2008 and 2009 at Liberty State Park in Jersey City as an East Coast version of Coachella, the hugely successful annual festival in the Southern California desert, but it drew complaints from concertgoers about transportation delays and never returned.

Jordan Wolowitz, one of the partners of Founders Entertainment, said his company had worked to overcome the New York festival curse by starting small and focusing on fundamentals, like where the event takes place. Randalls Island, which has hosted entertainment as diverse as Cirque du Soleil and the Electric Zoo dance-music festival, is easily reached by public transportation, Mr. Wolowitz said, making it perfect for New Yorkers reluctant to leave the city for entertainment.

'Location, location, location is everything in New York,' he added. 'We are suckers for convenience here, and if you have a festival in New Jersey or Long Island, it might as well be in Canada.'

Entities 0 Name: New York Count: 8 1 Name: Founders Entertainment Count: 3 2 Name: Randalls Island Count: 3 3 Name: New York City Count: 2 4 Name: Canada Count: 1 5 Name: Electric Zoo Count: 1 6 Name: Randy Houser Count: 1 7 Name: Brad Paisley Count: 1 8 Name: Southern California Count: 1 9 Name: Jordan Wolowitz Count: 1 10 Name: Luke Bryan Count: 1 11 Name: Taylor Swift Count: 1 12 Name: Paisley Count: 1 13 Name: Outkast Count: 1 14 Name: Nashville Count: 1 15 Name: Coachella Count: 1 16 Name: Wade Bowen Count: 1 17 Name: Blake Shelton Count: 1 18 Name: Miranda Lambert Count: 1 19 Name: Kip Moore Count: 1 20 Name: Brandy Clark Count: 1 21 Name: O'Connell Count: 1 22 Name: Cirque du Soleil Count: 1 23 Name: Bryan Count: 1 24 Name: Jack White Count: 1 25 Name: Jersey City Count: 1 26 Name: Shelton Count: 1 27 Name: Dierks Bentley Count: 1 28 Name: Nash Count: 1 29 Name: Wolowitz Count: 1 30 Name: Live Nation Count: 1 31 Name: Maddie & Tae Count: 1 32 Name: Dwight Yoakam Count: 1 33 Name: New Jersey Count: 1 34 Name: Eric Church Count: 1 35 Name: Ashley Monroe Count: 1 36 Name: Long Island Count: 1 37 Name: East Coast Count: 1 38 Name: Brian O'Connell Count: 1 39 Name: Live Nation Entertainment Count: 1 Related 0 Url: Title: FarmBorough 2015 Is New York City's First-Ever Country Music Festival Description: Dierks Bentley announces FarmBorough 2015, New York City's first-ever country music festival, set for June 2015.

New country music festival coming to Harrington - The News Journal

Alex Pires' live entertainment company chose the spot behind door number two - the Delaware State Fairgrounds in Harrington - to inaugurate a three-day country music festival in August 2015.

The Dewey Beach businessman's company, Highway One, is set to announce details of the Aug. 14-16 festival Thursday, along with State Fair officials and Live Nation, a music promoter that handles concert promotion for acts like One Direction, Fleetwood Mac and a slew of country artists: Florida Georgia Line, Dierks Bentley, Miranda Lambert, Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley and more.

A Virginia music promoter, Starr Hill Presents, also is involved in the festival, according to a media advisory Highway One issued Tuesday morning.

Pires first pitched the idea of a new, multi-day country festival to Sussex County officials, cajoling them to allow a 500-acre parcel of a Harbeson farm he negotiated with to serve as the site.

But after nearby residents raised noise and traffic complaints, and transportation planners said there wouldn't be enough time to plan for the event, Pires withdrew the land-use application.

Alex Pires (Photo: JASON MINTO/Special to The News)

All along, Pires, who owns several bars, restaurants and other businesses in Dewey Beach and Rehoboth Beach, along with the Jimmy's Grille restaurant in Bridgeville, said the State Fairgrounds was his second choice of venue.

'If people can come to Firefly, which is rock music, and make Delaware famous for that event, they can certainly come for a country music festival,' Pires said in July. 'I'm going to do it, one way or the other.'

There is some breathing room between Firefly, the rapidly growing music festival returning to Dover on June 18-21 next summer, and the Pires festival on Aug. 14-16. And there's a two-week interval between the end of the 2015 State Fair itself, on Aug. 1, and the start of the country festival.

Poll: Would you attend a country music festival?

In August, a Delaware State Fair board member said the fair's management board was considering a detailed proposal from Pires for a festival.

Contact James Fisher at (302) 983-6772, on Twitter @JamesFisherTNJ or

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The Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival Is The Microbrewery Of EDM Festivals - Forbes

Alex Bershaw at the 2013 Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival. Photo courtesy of BEMF.

Clubbing culture was traditionally made up of local scenes but has recently become a big business. High profile mega-festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival, Tomorrowland, and Ultra Music festival bring in hundreds of thousands of people to one spot to spend days and nights partying as one gigantic throbbing mob.

It's the same story of growth-creates-consolidation that happens in other industries, from banking to movie theaters.

Take beer. In the American beer industry, the combined market share of the four largest firms rose from under 10% in 1910 to over 80% in the 1990s. The bigger firms enjoy economies of scale and can offer more value to consumers. Yet even as industries get more concentrated and players get larger, there remains a demand for smaller, specialized products.

Again, in beer, there has been a steady rise in microbreweries. Currently, there are about 2,700 craft breweries operating in the United States, compared with only 83 breweries operating in 1983.

Like microbreweries, party promoters around the country are creating local EDM scenes that build distinct local clubbing cultures. One such festival is the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival. The festivals is co-produced by Katie Longmyer, who grew up going to punk shows in Orange County, and Jennifer Lyon, founder of Good Peoples, a network of artists, designers and musicians. Their smaller-scale approach to the electronic music festival provides a more intimate alternative to massive EDM festivals, with their corporate sponsorships and carnival atmosphere. It's a boutique take on the EDM festival, like a music equivalent of a local coffee shop.

A small EDM festival appeals to consumers for the same reason that they might go to a small neighborhood bank or fashion boutique. According to a paper in the American Journal of Sociology, there are three main reasons that small niche markets develop alongside larger more consolidated companies:

A taste for the progressive. Some consumers consider large mass-produced products, like events designed to appeal to huge crowds, as industrial, bland, and generic. By trying to appeal to everyone, the products can sometimes lose their edge. This is particularly troubling for electronic music fans who don't see themselves as part of the mainstream. A small festival can capture unique sub-genres (or in the case of beer, various nuanced flavors). They can offer music that is more progressive, underground, or otherwise ahead of the curve.

According to Lyon and Longmyer, The Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival appeals to people who are open to discovering new music. The DJs are encouraged to create sets that are challenging to listen to, rather than mainstream. 'This idea that we don't book obvious lineups is a very Brooklyn thing,' said Lyon. 'There is a very Brooklyn vibe of people who are explorers. They will be familiar with a quarter or even half of the lineup but they buy the ticket and take the risk because they're just that excited about the music,' adds Longmyer.

Quest for higher quality. Small companies or events can mean more attention to detail, especially in matching a festival to the local community and its interests. In the case of beer, microbreweries pride themselves on using the highest quality ingredients that appeal to more discerning customers.

A small local EDM festival can deliver higher quality through the promoters' familiarity with the local scene. Lyon and Longmyer have strived to give the festival a uniquely Brooklyn flavor by partnering with local artists who create installation pieces and visual content. 'Art and music have become very integrated in the super-underground DIY warehouse party scene, which is really alive and well right now in Brooklyn,' said Lyon. 'We hire an art curator every year and he reaches out to the local art community. Last year we had a sculpture outside in the art ticket booth and we had a local projection mapping company come and do visuals within all of the events,' said Longmyer. 'It's really exciting.'

Consumption as self-expression. Some people go for smaller niche products as part of their rejection of mass consumer society and corporate culture. The hipster culture in particular has granted a unique status to consuming small and obscure products as a means of self-expression.

The Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival is very much a part of this movement, which makes sense given its location in Williamsburg. Lyon and Longmyer explained that their goal is to create an event that advances the idea of living with intention. 'It's about experiencing the music in the way that lets it affect you,' said Lyon. In contrast to the huge festivals' emphasis on fashion, they focus on the music. 'While we would love everyone to wear furry boots and we're super down on costumes,' she adds, 'this festival experience is really more about the music, experiencing the artist and having a relationship with the artist.'

The seventh Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival will be held in Williamsburg on November 7th and 8th.

For more about the intersection of rock n' roll and business hit 'follow' on the top of this page or follow me on twitter. Entities 0 Name: Lyon Count: 6 1 Name: Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival Count: 5 2 Name: EDM Count: 4 3 Name: Brooklyn Count: 4 4 Name: Longmyer Count: 4 5 Name: Williamsburg Count: 2 6 Name: American Journal of Sociology Count: 1 7 Name: BEMF Count: 1 8 Name: United States Count: 1 9 Name: Jennifer Lyon Count: 1 10 Name: Orange County Count: 1 11 Name: Alex Bershaw Count: 1 12 Name: Electric Daisy Carnival Count: 1 13 Name: Tomorrowland Count: 1 14 Name: Katie Longmyer Count: 1 Related Keywords 0 Name: festival Score: 84 1 Name: music Score: 63 2 Name: longmyer Score: 60 3 Name: lyon Score: 52 4 Name: brooklyn Score: 49 5 Name: edm Score: 44 6 Name: local Score: 33 7 Name: electronic Score: 33 8 Name: beer Score: 29 9 Name: microbreweries Score: 28 Authors Media Images 0