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10/24-25: Apache Lake Music Festival turns 5 -

The Apache Lake Music Festival has rounded up some of the Valley's most popular local bands for a two-day blowout this weekend at Apache Lake Resort and Marina, off the Apache Trail in Tonto National Forest.

The event was launched in 2010 by Brannon Kleinlein, whose Tempe club, the Last Exit, had closed in 2009, and Tempe scenester Paul 'PC' Cardone, who had established his own music festival, Jeromeatherapy, in - as you may have guessed - Jerome.

Apache Lake provides a scenic backdrop for the annual Apache Lake Music Festival.(Photo: Tom Tingle/The Republic)

As Matty Steinkamp, who handles the marketing for the Apache Lake festival, explains, 'They took Jeromeatherapy and brought it to Apache Lake. And from there, it's morphed into this two-day camping adventure with music. There's so much more music culture that happens in the campground than the first year. The staging itself went from this very small stage to a full, big production with lights and lasers and huge sound that you can pretty much hear down to the lake now.'

There's now an indoor stage as well, which Steinkamp compares to the feel of Tempe's Yucca Tap Room or Kleinlein's Phoenix club, Last Exit Live. They've also worked with Apache Lake Resort and Marina to make improvements to the dirt road leading to the festival site and added charging stations.

The fifth-anniversary lineup includes Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, Banana Gun, Dry River Yacht Club, the Haymarket Squares, the Sugar Thieves, Japhy's Descent, Sara Robinson & the Midnight Special, Playboy Manbaby, the MSU X Deathwish 45, Sister Lip, Captain Squeegee and more.

Steinkamp says he's especially looking forward to Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, Captain Squeegee, Japhy's Descent and Haymarket Squares, who blew the power last year on the indoor stage and thrilled the crowd by finishing their set acoustically outdoors.

This is Captain Squeegee's first time. And front man Danny Torgersen has no idea why.

'We've wanted to play for years,' he says. 'I heard it was all the rage and that the audience may finally be intoxicated enough to dig us.'

Looking back on festival highlights through the years, Steinkamp points to Banana Gun bringing inflatable bananas for the crowd to toss around and Mergence throwing a glow-in-the-dark beach-ball party.

Last year also featured Kongos on the verge of blowing up much bigger than Banana Gun's inflatables.

'They had just gotten back from a tour,' Steinkamp says. 'And they did us a huge favor coming out. The festival grounds were almost full for their set. That was great to see a band that played the first two years of the festival, going from that to coming back last year right before they went Number 1 on the Billboard charts just two months after that.'

Last year also featured Corey Gloden of Dry River Yacht Club and Strange Young Things leading a local music supergroup of sorts with as many as 15 musicians from assorted Valley bands.

'They basically mashed up a bunch of songs,' Steinkamp says. 'It was very entertaining and very exciting. The crowd definitely loves that kind of impromptu thing.'

Camping at Apache Lake is on a first-come, first-served basis. There are plenty of spots, but early arrival is recommended for lakeside locations. A $5-per-car camping pass is required and good for the entire weekend. There are indoor bathrooms and showers. Bring trash bags and use the on-site garbage cans and dumpsters to keep the area clean.

'The great thing about the festival now is there's so much more community,' Steinkamp says. 'There are groups that come out and have their own campsite with 20 to 30 people.'

And that back-to-nature atmosphere is part of the appeal. As Apache Lake veteran Henri Bernard of Dry River Yacht Club says, 'One of my favorite memories from Apache Lake Music Festival are the Sunday pontoon rides we always take after the festivities are over. Just being out there on the lake with your friends, enjoying the views and all the nature Apache has to offer, it's all just so magical. I even got to ride a Jet Ski for the first time at Apache Lake Music Festival. Talk about a treat.'

For a complete list of bands, go to

Noon Friday, Oct. 24, and Saturday, Oct. 25. Apache Lake Marina & Resort, 32 miles east of Apache Junction on State Route 88 (the Apache Trail). The paved road ends about 21 miles east of Apache Junction. The rest is graded dirt, suitable for carefully driven cars. $40 for the weekend.

Reach the reporter at or 602-444-4495.

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Apache Lake Music Festival Offers Phoenix Music Fans a Wilderness Retreat - Phoenix New Times (blog)

Benjamin Leatherman

What could be better than a beautiful lake, some great music, and the opportunity to spend a few days jamming out, fishing, and camping? For many, there isn't anything much better, and the Apache Lake Music Festival offers the opportunity to combine several different pleasure about 60 miles from Phoenix at the Apache Lake Marina and Resort on Friday, October 24, and Saturday, October 25.

The five-year-old festival is the brainchild of Brannon Kleinlein, who also owns and operates Last Exit Live in downtown Phoenix.

'This is our fifth year of putting on the festival, so we are excited about reaching that little milestone. Attendees can expect a nice diversity of music from some of Arizona's top local bands performing in a truly majestic outdoor setting,' Kleinlein says. 'The attendees get to enjoy lakeside camping but still have some normal everyday amenities such as indoor restrooms, full restaurant and bar, and a small convenience store to buy any needed supplies. With our outdoor Main Stage, Indoor Stage, and Acoustic Cantina, we offer three areas of live music, so there is never a shortage of live entertainment for concertgoers.'

This year, the festival features local talent like Dry River Yacht Club, Playboy Manbaby, and the Haymarket Squares, among many others. David Cosme, who plays trumpet in Playboy Manbaby and also in Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra (both bands are appearing on Friday night), has played the festival on multiple occasions.

'I love this event because most musicians in the scene are busy on weekends and find it hard to see other bands perform. Apache Lake showcases so much great talent in two days, so everyone has an opportunity to see and hear others. I was honored to perform in 2012, and knowing that I was part of an amazing music scene with so much talent and variety,' Cosme says.

Playboy Manbaby's manic amalgamation of ska, punk, and performance art brings a unique twist to the festival, which also features many of the Valley's most talented jam, Americana, and roots rock bands.

In addition to Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, local prog-rockers Captain Squeegee and Gilbert's CooBee Coo also are playing the festival for the first time this year. Recently signed to Fervor Records, CooBee Coo's polished sound and catchy riffs should be a great treat for those looking for the 'safety in numbers' alt-rock that is so popular among youngsters and oldsters alike these days. Should be hearing them on the newly revamped KDKB any time now.

For those wondering about traveling to Apache Lake, the lake itself is east of the Valley and just a short ride east on the Superstition Highway (U.S. 60). Kleinlein warns, though, 'The last 10 miles or so is all dirt road and fairly narrow, so people should use caution when driving and take their time.'

With 29 bands for the $40 ticket price ( no single-day tickets are available), the festival seems a pretty good bang for the buck, especially when you consider the beautiful surroundings and relatively cheap eats and drinks offered by the hosts, the Schuster family, who run the Resort and Lake.

You could find worse reasons to take off from work than a festival featuring some of the best local bands in a wilderness area. Just saying.

Apache Lake Music Festival takes place Friday, October 24, and Saturday, October 25, at Apache Lake Marina and Resort. Visit the next page for the complete scheduleLocation Info Entities 0 Name: Kleinlein Count: 2 1 Name: Phoenix Count: 2 2 Name: Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra Count: 2 3 Name: Apache Lake Music Festival Count: 2 4 Name: Arizona Count: 1 5 Name: KDKB Count: 1 6 Name: Apache Lake Marina Count: 1 7 Name: Cosme Count: 1 8 Name: Acoustic Cantina Count: 1 9 Name: Lake Count: 1 10 Name: Playboy Manbaby Count: 1 11 Name: Haymarket Squares Count: 1 12 Name: Brannon Kleinlein Count: 1 13 Name: Benjamin Leatherman Count: 1 14 Name: Dry River Yacht Club Count: 1 15 Name: Gilbert Count: 1 16 Name: Valley Count: 1 17 Name: U.S. Count: 1 18 Name: David Cosme Count: 1 19 Name: Schuster Count: 1 Related 0 Url: Title: Lone Stars: 11 Up-and-Coming Austin Musicians to Watch Description: Weird and wonderful, one of the very first things that comes to mind when you think of Austin, Texas, is the city's vibrant music scene. In fact, Austin describes itself as the "Live Music Capital of the World," and all signs point to the accuracy of that statement.

SXSW music festival lineup announced -

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The Bots perform on the Doritos #BoldStage at the South by Southwest Music Festival on Friday, March 15, 2013, in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Darren Abate/Invision for Doritos/AP Images)

AUSTIN (KXAN) - While the return of SXSW isn't until next year, the initial lineup for South by Southwest 2015 was announced Wednesday morning.

The South by Southwest music festival will feature Bishop Nehru, Mai Dhai, Songhoy Blues, Courtney Barnett, El Mato a Una Policia Motorizado, and [su:m]. You can check out the full list of artists on the SXSW website.

Badges to attend the conference are already on sale and can be purchased from the official SXSW website.

Entities 0 Name: Southwest Count: 2 1 Name: Bishop Nehru Count: 1 2 Name: Songhoy Blues Count: 1 3 Name: Courtney Barnett Count: 1 4 Name: Una Policia Motorizado Count: 1 5 Name: Darren Count: 1 6 Name: Southwest Music Festival Count: 1 7 Name: Mai Dhai Count: 1 8 Name: KXAN Count: 1 9 Name: Cedar Park Count: 1 10 Name: Texas Count: 1 11 Name: Austin Count: 1 12 Name: South Count: 1 Related 0 Url: Title: The 2015 SXSW Music Festival Artist Announcement - Round One Description: The first round of 2015 SXSW Showcasing Artists has finally arrived! More than 170 artists from all over the world make up one of the strongest first round artist announcements to date.

Music Festival Amateur Hour - Vegas Seven

Music festivals used to be for fanatics. Blues fans, bebop fans, rockabilly fans, reggae fans, metal fans, mambo fans and, of course, Deadheads-no matter the genre, like-minded folk would meet and revel in their favorite music once a year. Today, there are hundreds of annual festivals, all seemingly geared more toward delivering a demographic to a sponsor than music to an audience. To draw the maximum number of eyeballs and wallets, organizers need the widest range of the biggest names they can get-which is why you have no interest in 50 percent of the bands and actively despise at least another 10 percent. So there you are, penned in for hours in a place where there's nowhere to sit and a Budweiser costs 10 bucks. Which, of course, doesn't bother most of today's festivalgoers: They're here for the scene, not the sounds. Here to show off their Vice-approved festival ensembles, to tweet and Instagram and Facebook and hold a big ol' iPhone 6 in front of your face to record videos they will never watch ... of the one band you actually came here to see.

Entities 0 Name: Instagram Count: 1 Related 0 Url: Title: How should you value your Facebook fans? - Inside Facebook Description: (This is an excerpt from Todd Denis' detailed post about Facebook fan value on Augmo.) What should you pay for a Facebook fan heading into 2015? Common sense and the average marketing budget says it's about $1 per fan - but the potential value of that fan to your brand is likely much higher.

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Magic Tape 46 by The Magician (Official)

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Portland council gives go-ahead to summer music festival - Press Herald

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The organizer, Townsquare Media, projects a crowd of 6,000 to 8,000 on the Eastern Prom in August.

Portland city councilors gave the green light Monday for a major music festival on the Eastern Promenade next summer as city officials try to improve upon the success of a 2012 concert by the band Mumford & Sons.

Councilors voted unanimously to allow the acting city manager to continue working with Townsquare Media Portland LLC to plan a music festival on the Eastern Prom on a yet-to-be-determined weekend in August.

Townsquare Media, which owns radio stations in Maine and across the country, has also yet to say who might perform during the festival, but councilors - tiptoeing around a potentially sensitive issue - urged city staff to make sure any acts have a history of drawing well-behaved crowds.

'Not only is The Hill a scenic spot, it is a residential neighborhood,' Councilor Ed Suslovic said, referring to the Munjoy Hill neighborhood. 'And I want to make sure that we have the right to say, 'No, get someone else.' '

The festival would tentatively be scheduled for a Saturday from 1 to 10 p.m. on a stage set up in the Cutter Street middle parking lot, according to the proposal. The rain date would be the next day.

Diane Davison, executive director of the Friends of the Eastern Promenade, said the organization unanimously endorsed the proposed festival.

In talking with Townsquare Media, city officials are trying to replicate but on a smaller and better-organized scale an August 2012 festival headlined by Mumford & Sons, a British group that at the time was one of the hottest bands in the country. An estimated 15,000 fans flocked to the Eastern Prom that day.

Townsquare Media projects a crowd of 6,000 to 8,000 at next year's festival.

While the 2012 concert was widely considered a success - and a surprisingly smooth one, at that - there were some issues that came up during Monday night's City Council meeting.

Councilor Kevin Donoghue noted that he heard from some Munjoy Hill families who were denied access to their neighborhood for a half-hour or longer. Others complained about the placement of portable toilets next to their residences while festival-goers lamented the limited options and long lines for food during the daylong concert.

Andrew Downs, Portland's director of public assembly facilities, said the city staff is working on a system that will allow Munjoy Hill residents to get past the barricades to access their homes. The city is also looking at the proper placement of toilets and plans to work with Townsquare Media to make sure there are enough food vendors - including some local businesses - for the crowd.

'We have taken notes on the last time,' Downs said.

And then there was the issue of who will perform on the Eastern Prom - and more important, the common appeal of the music they will play and the behavior of the crowds they will draw.

Councilor Nicholas Mavodones said that the type of music played by Mumford & Sons - a folk-rock band - probably appealed to more residents than would loud 'metallic' acts.

'I'm a little concerned because I am not sure it is that easy to replicate what went well with Mumford & Sons,' Councilor Jon Hinck said. The problem isn't necessarily that bands behave inappropriately, Hinck said, 'the problem is the crowd they draw.'

But councilors also were sensitive to the fact that even discussing which acts were appropriate or inappropriate could be tricky. Ultimately, however, the city 'reserves the right to approve all performing artists prior to executing an official agreement,' according to a memo from Downs to the acting city manager, Sheila Hill-Christian.

In other news, a proposed comprehensive plan for the India Street neighborhood is moving through the council process.

In the works for well over a year, the India Street Sustainable Neighborhood Plan proposes several major changes to guide future development in a historic part of the city.

The proposal calls for:

* Creation of a historic district that would require more extensive review of new development as well as renovations to existing historic buildings.

* Establishment of a 'form-based code' that focuses less on what uses are allowed in the zone and more on the form, scale and mass of development. The aim of form-based codes is to create an environment that allows mixed-use development while maintaining a neighborhood feel.

* The use of 'inclusionary zoning' that would require housing developers to allocate some units for affordable housing or pay into a city fund.

There was broad agreement among members of the India Street Neighborhood Advisory Committee on some issues, but the group splintered on other questions, including whether to recommend specific height restrictions on new development and the boundaries of a proposed historic district.

Shipyard Brewing objected to the designation of two buildings that the brewery owns as 'potentially contributing' to the historic district zone. Shipyard's general counsel, Brandon Mazer, said Shipyard bought those two buildings years ago with the expectation that they could be demolished to accommodate future expansion. But Mazer said such a designation could preclude those plans.

'We don't want to be boxed into a corner and we are concerned that we would be,' said Mazer, a member of the working group who voted against the version now headed to City Council committees for review.

Entities 0 Name: Townsquare Media Count: 4 1 Name: Mumford & Sons Count: 4 2 Name: Munjoy Hill Count: 3 3 Name: City Council Count: 2 4 Name: Mazer Count: 2 5 Name: Portland Count: 2 6 Name: Brandon Mazer Count: 1 7 Name: Townsquare Media Portland LLC Count: 1 8 Name: Sheila Hill-Christian Count: 1 9 Name: India Street Neighborhood Advisory Committee Count: 1 10 Name: Ed Suslovic Count: 1 11 Name: Downs Count: 1 12 Name: Jon Hinck Count: 1 13 Name: Diane Davison Count: 1 14 Name: Kevin Donoghue Count: 1 15 Name: India Street Count: 1 16 Name: The Hill Count: 1 17 Name: Hinck Count: 1 18 Name: Eastern Prom Count: 1 19 Name: Eastern Promenade Count: 1 20 Name: Shipyard Brewing Count: 1 21 Name: India Count: 1 22 Name: Nicholas Mavodones Count: 1 23 Name: Andrew Downs Count: 1 24 Name: Maine Count: 1 Related 0 Url: Title: Music Festival may come to Portland next year Description: PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- An all-day music festival could be heading to the Eastern Promenade in Portland next summer. Although, it's unknown who the headlining acts would be. According to our media partners at Portland Press Herald, Townsquare Media Portland will ask the city council to approve the festival for sometime in Portland.