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FulaBula music fest to aid Carlsbad woman - U-T San Diego

Julie Keith, 25, of Carlsbad, suffers from a chronic pain syndrome that affects her nervous system. She will be the beneficiary of the 2014 FulaBula Festival, a two-day music festival featuring more than a dozen local bands on Saturday and Sunday at Le Papagayo restaurant in Leucadia. - Sean M. Haffey

— Every Thanksgiving weekend since 2000, Oceanside musician Semisi Ma'u has hosted a free music festival in Leucadia to raise money for local causes.

In the early years, proceeds from the FulaBula Festival went toward buying musical instruments for school bands. In recent years, donations went to youth sports programs and the families of two North County musicians who died of cancer.

This year's FulaBula beneficiary is Julie Keith, a 25-year-old Carlsbad woman with a progressive nerve disease. Ma'u is the leader of the Oceanside band Semisi & FulaBula, and he met the Keith family last year though one of his longtime band members.

The annual FulaBula Festival, which runs 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 29-30, at Le Papagayo Restaurant, 1002 N. Coast Highway, will feature more than a dozen musical acts playing 40-minute sets of steel drum, classic rock, jazz, Latin and other styles of music. Cash and checks for Keith will be accepted at the door and La Papagayo will donate 30 percent of all weekend sales to the cause. There will also be a silent auction featuring a donated painting by artist Patrick Carney.

Ma'u said the festival raises about $2,000 each year, which Keith said she hopes to use for therapy to treat reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), a neurological chronic pain syndrome she has suffered from since childhood. She would also like to buy a wet suit and new surfboard, because when she's in the ocean she can forget about the illness that causes fiery pain and swelling in her skin, muscles and joints.

RSD is a form of complex regional pain syndrome (CRPD) that affect from 5 to 15 out of 100,000 people in the U.S, said Dr. Timothy Furnish at UCSD's Center for Pain Medicine in La Jolla. Furnish, who is Keith's doctor, said CRPD is fairly uncommon. He and his colleagues at the center each treat about 5 CRPD patients among their several hundred patients.

Furnish said the illness was first described medically by Civil War surgeon Silas Weir Mitchell, who coined the name 'causalgia' to describe the burning pain and swelling in the limbs of the soldiers he treated. Furnish said the illness usually begins after a fracture, sprain or surgery. Some cases can be cured with aggressive treatment, while others can cause lifelong debilitating pain. Treatments include physical therapy, the use of anesthetic injections around the affected area and spinal implants.

FulaBula Festival

When: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday

Where: Le Papagayo Restaurant, 1002 N. Coast Highway, Leucadia

Admission: Free (donations accepted)

Phone: (760) 331-3671


Julie's mother Pamela Keith, 54, said RSD has robbed her daughter of a normal life and devastated their family finances. They share a one-bedroom apartment in Carlsbad, where Pamela serves as her daughter's full-time caregiver. She also has been teacher to her daughter, whose illness required that she be home-schooled through much of her middle and high school years.

'To watch somebody in such severe pain their entire life, disintegrating in front of you, causes you to question everything you believe in,' Pamela said. 'It's an unrelenting, demoralizing, progressive, unpredictable illness.'

Entities 0 Name: Keith Count: 4 1 Name: Leucadia Count: 3 2 Name: Carlsbad Count: 3 3 Name: Pamela Count: 2 4 Name: Oceanside Count: 2 5 Name: Julie Keith Count: 2 6 Name: N. Coast Highway Count: 2 7 Name: Le Papagayo Restaurant Count: 2 8 Name: CRPD Count: 1 9 Name: Semisi Ma'u Count: 1 10 Name: La Jolla Count: 1 11 Name: La Papagayo Count: 1 12 Name: Silas Weir Mitchell Count: 1 13 Name: Dr. Timothy Furnish Count: 1 14 Name: Pamela Keith Count: 1 15 Name: Patrick Carney Count: 1 16 Name: North County Count: 1 17 Name: Le Papagayo Count: 1 18 Name: FulaBula Count: 1 19 Name: Julie Count: 1 20 Name: U. S Count: 1 21 Name: Semisi & FulaBula Count: 1 22 Name: UCSD Count: 1 23 Name: Sean M. Haffey Count: 1 Related Keywords 0 Name: fulabula Score: 60 1 Name: papagayo Score: 40 2 Name: keith Score: 39 3 Name: pain Score: 34 4 Name: festival Score: 32 5 Name: furnish Score: 31 6 Name: crpd Score: 30 7 Name: leucadia Score: 30 8 Name: semisi Score: 30 9 Name: rsd Score: 30 Authors Media Images 0

Outdoor Texas Music Festivals: What Not to Do - Houston Press (blog)

Free Press Summer Fest dodged a pretty serious bullet this year. When festival officials announced that the grounds around Eleanor Tinsley Park needed to be evacuated around 2 p.m. on the Saturday of the festival, some of us who were there had visions of pandemonium at the exits and the kind of heavy rains that would have had leftover props from Russell Crowe's Noah floating down Buffalo Bayou. But we were spared a direct hit from the weather and while the evacuation spawned a ton of predictable social-media carping, all in all everything worked out OK once everyone (finally) got back into the park.

Indeed, FPSF went on to have a pretty successful weekend, eventually drawing hordes of people, especially Sunday, and officially selling out for the second year in a row. No doubt the FPSF folks in the golf carts and production trailers could have done without the close call, but all the same, this near-miss couldn't help but remind us of a few other outdoor Texas festivals some people would probably rather forget. (Note: why are we re-running it in November? Haven't you already started to feel that familiar FPSF itch yet?)

5. Robert Earl Keen's Lousy Picnic Now a beloved Texas tradition held each year in Fort Worth's Stockyards entertainment district, in 1974 Willie Nelson's Fourth of July picnic was actually a success -- drawing some 40,000 people to College Station's Texas World Speedway to hear the likes of Waylon Jennings, Jimmy Buffett, Michael Martin Murphey and more -- except for one future star: a Houston native named Robert Earl Keen. The future godfather of Texas country had just graduated from Sharpstown High School and would soon attend Texas A&M University, where he became friends with another aspiring musician named Lyle Lovett.

As Keen himself tells it, he had managed to score a date to the Picnic (a rarity in those days) but his car somehow caught fire during the concert and his date ran off with some other guys, leaving him to hitchhike back home. But he did get a great story out of it; oddly, one that has worked out much better as an extended intro to his traditional set-closer 'The Road Goes On Forever,' as heard on his brilliant 1996 live album No. 2 Live Dinner, than an actual song. At least so far.

Years later, a fan approached Keen at a show in Utah and showed him a picture of the singer-songwriter's car on fire in the speedway's parking area, which became the cover of his 1997 album Picnic. The two old A&M buddies played a delightful show at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion back in September.

4. Texas Pop Festival Is Ahead of Its Time Just a couple of weeks after Woodstock in 1969, the Texas International Pop Festival set up shop at another racetrack, the Dallas International Motor Speedway in Denton County, and set the burgeoning counterculture loose in staunchly conservative North Texas like someone had knocked over a mound of fire ants. The three-day event drew acts like Led Zeppelin, Santana, Janis Joplin, Grand Funk Railroad, B.B. King and Sly & the Family Stone, while their fans spurred The Dallas Morning News to write an editorial so scathing you can practically see the blue hairs curling.

'Young people assembling to hear music is one thing,' it read. 'Young people assembling in unspeakable costumes, half-naked, barefooted, defying propriety and scorning morality is another. Who and where are their parents? Where do these young people get the money to loaf around the country in their smelly regalia?'

Just imagine a paper writing something like that today. Despite drawing as many as 150,000 fans by some estimates, Texas Pop was not a success, reportedly losing around $100,000. There was no festival the next year, but it lives on through a number of bootleg recordings -- including one of Zeppelin's set said to be among the best of its kind -- and the never-released documentary film Got No Shoes, Got No Blues that is still in circulation, albeit difficult to find. And in 2011, the Texas Pop Festival even got its own state historical marker.

Photo by Jim Bricker

3. ACL Gets Washed Away After the 'Dillo Dirt' adventure of 2009 (we'll get to that), the Austin City Limits Music Festival organizers no doubt figured they had thought every possible rain scenario through. They probably didn't figure on the showers that started more than an hour into the Cure's Saturday-night set becoming the kind of flash floods Central Texas hadn't seen in several years.

With most of Zilker Park literally underwater by Sunday morning -- leading to some stunning pictures, including these published on the Republic of Austin Web site -- ACL had no choice but to announce the first-ever full-day cancellation in festival history. But after all that rain, the only way anyone could have seen Lionel Richie, the scheduled Sunday-night closer, would have been on a raft.

List continues on the next page. Entities 0 Name: Texas Count: 6 1 Name: Robert Earl Keen Count: 2 2 Name: Zeppelin Count: 2 3 Name: Santana Count: 1 4 Name: Willie Nelson Count: 1 5 Name: Woodstock Count: 1 6 Name: Russell Crowe Count: 1 7 Name: Austin City Count: 1 8 Name: Texas World Speedway Count: 1 9 Name: Sharpstown Count: 1 10 Name: Utah Count: 1 11 Name: Lyle Lovett Count: 1 12 Name: Texas International Pop Festival Count: 1 13 Name: Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Count: 1 14 Name: Eleanor Tinsley Park Count: 1 15 Name: Dallas International Motor Speedway Count: 1 16 Name: Lionel Richie Count: 1 17 Name: Houston Count: 1 18 Name: Jim Bricker Count: 1 19 Name: Texas A&M University Count: 1 20 Name: Central Texas Count: 1 21 Name: Waylon Jennings Count: 1 22 Name: Michael Martin Murphey Count: 1 23 Name: A&M Count: 1 24 Name: Noah Count: 1 25 Name: B.B. King Count: 1 26 Name: Fort Worth Count: 1 27 Name: Denton County Count: 1 28 Name: Janis Joplin Count: 1 29 Name: Jimmy Buffett Count: 1 30 Name: Buffalo Bayou Count: 1 31 Name: North Texas Count: 1 Related Keywords 0 Name: texas Score: 43 1 Name: festival Score: 42 2 Name: picnic Score: 30 3 Name: fpsf Score: 30 4 Name: keen Score: 23 5 Name: speedway Score: 20 6 Name: pop Score: 18 7 Name: zeppelin Score: 17 8 Name: park Score: 15 9 Name: earl Score: 14 Authors Media Images 0

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Sasquatch! Music Festival Returning to Four Day Format in 2015 - Paste Magazine

George, Washington's Sasquatch! Music Festival is officially returning to its four day format next year after testing out a two-weekend event in 2014. The added weekend was eventually canceled before a full trial run could even take place; Live Nation Seattle President Jeff Tisler explained at the time, 'the second weekend was not embraced ... Going forward, Sasquatch! Music Festival will be at the Gorge Amphitheatre on the weekend the fans want: Memorial Day Weekend only.'

2015's festival will take place at the Gorge from May 22-25 with a lineup to be announced sometime in February. Last year's headliners included The National, M.I.A. and Outkast, who went on a marathon tour of over 40 festivals in 2014. Starting this Friday (Nov. 28), discounted presale tickets for Sasquatch! will be available on the festival's website for $325.

Entities 0 Name: Outkast Count: 1 1 Name: Washington Count: 1 2 Name: M.I.A. Count: 1 3 Name: Live Nation Seattle Count: 1 4 Name: Sasquatch Count: 1 5 Name: Jeff Tisler Count: 1 6 Name: George Count: 1 Related Keywords 0 Name: sasquatch Score: 30 1 Name: festival Score: 23 2 Name: gorge Score: 16 3 Name: weekend Score: 14 4 Name: tisler Score: 10 5 Name: outkast Score: 10 6 Name: two-weekend Score: 10 7 Name: 22-25 Score: 10 8 Name: amphitheatre Score: 10 9 Name: 2014 Score: 9 Authors Media Images 0

Suburbia Music Festival in Jeopardy as It Loses LiveNation Support [UPDATE] - Dallas Observer (blog)

Rhombi Survivor

Is the suburban dream already over? For festival organizers in Plano, it's certainly become much more of a long shot. After only its first year, the Suburbia Music Festival, held last May at Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve, has lost the support of festival organizer LiveNation. It's a blow to the city, who not only invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in making the event a reality but whom will now have to find a new name if they wish to carry on. See also:Suburbia Music Fest Eases Into the North Texas Festival FrayThe Fans of SuburbiaDoes Dallas Want Its Own Austin City Limits?

'We enjoyed working with LiveNation. They're great people,' says Plano Parks and Recreation Director Amy Fortenberry. She says the city was notified of the decision last week. 'We were disappointed LiveNation wanted to opt out of the arrangement, which was their option in the agreement.'

From the outset, Suburbia made for an interesting test case. Would folks really want to go to Plano for a music festival? Would the locals care? With a reported 20,000 fans attending over the festival's two days, it was at least a solid first year effort, although it's not clear whether those numbers reached LiveNation's expectations. (LiveNation did not respond to initial requests for comment.)

'We saw the potential of what the event can be,' insists Fortenberry. 'We went into it with a long-term vision, expecting to experience some losses in the first and second year.' While losing the support of LiveNation is clearly a setback, she remains optimistic: 'I think the site is fantastic... The venue is still one of the best venues in the country.'

The City of Plano poured $500,000 into making Suburbia Festival happen, so not surprisingly they're eager to keep the festival going in future years. As Fortenberry points out, however, 'That was to be a one-time payment and would not have been required going into year two' -- a fact that may or may not have had a bearing on LiveNation's decision to withdraw after only one year.

Either way, continuing for a second year will mean finding a new promoter and also rebranding the festival. 'Live Nation has a registered trademark on the name Suburbia Music Festival,' says Fortenberry. 'So yes, a new name will be necessary.' But there appears to be no question of the city approving such measures at this point: Last night, the council already approved a request for permit to seek out a new partner.

'There's no charge for the use of the park (to the promoter), so it's a great incentive,' Fortenberry says. The RFP will be released tomorrow, with the deadline for submissions due by January 9. Potential agreements will then need to be approved by the city council. 'We're looking forward to seeing who's out there and who's interested.'

LiveNation has issued the following statement:

'Live Nation was proud to produce the Suburbia Music Festival this year as it kicked off the 2014 summer concert season. Together with the City of Plano, we brought world class music talent to fans throughout North Texas. While we will not produce Suburbia Music Festival in 2015, we look forward to continue bringing exciting live entertainment to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in the future.' DC9 AT NIGHT'S GREATEST HITS 50 Signs You've Been Partying Too Long in DentonFlorida Georgia Line Danced on the Grave of Country at Gexa on SaturdayWhat Your Favorite North Texas Band Says About YouDoes Dallas Want Its Own Austin City Limits?The Best Places in Dallas to Go When You're StonedLocation Info Entities 0 Name: Suburbia Count: 6 1 Name: Plano Count: 4 2 Name: Fortenberry Count: 4 3 Name: LiveNation Count: 3 4 Name: North Texas Count: 2 5 Name: Your Favorite North Texas Band Says About You Does Dallas Want Its Own Austin City Limits Count: 1 6 Name: Amy Fortenberry Count: 1 7 Name: RFP Count: 1 8 Name: Dallas Count: 1 9 Name: Suburbia Does Dallas Want Its Own Austin City Limits Count: 1 10 Name: Denton Florida Georgia Line Danced Count: 1 11 Name: Dallas\/Ft Count: 1 12 Name: Best Places Count: 1 13 Name: Suburbia Music Festival Count: 1 14 Name: Plano Parks and Recreation Count: 1 15 Name: Gexa Count: 1 Related 0 Url: Title: Plano vows another 'signature' music event after Live Nation yanks Suburbia festival Description: By all accounts, the inaugural Suburbia Music Festival, held last May at Plano's Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve, was quite the success for a first-timer: a few good bands (Alabama Shakes, Rev. Horton Heat, Run the Jewels), good turnout (20,000 or so), good times.

Master Blazter - Protoblazter by Stones Throw Records

Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival 2015 Lineup Announced Featuring Dropkick ... -

Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival has announced their 2015 lineup including Dropkick Murphys, Rancid, and Refused, to celebrate the 17th annual celebration of punk music.

Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival has announced their 2015 lineup, which includes Dropkick Murphys, Refused, and Rancid. The festival will take place in downtown Los Vegas on May 23rd, 24th, and 25th of next year.

The festival will feature three days of outdoor festival, four nights of club shows, a two-day pool tournament, hotel pool parties, a poker tournament, and comedy shows. There will be a total of ninety bands performing throughout the weekend.

The festival began in 1999 as a way to bring together members of the indie punk music scene by having a huge Las Vegas party. Two hundred and fifty bowling teams will be competing over the course of the festival, with the games spanning four different bowling venues.

All ages are welcome to the event, but under 18 requires an adult companion, and only 21 and over can get into the night club events.

Tickets to the event are sold through the festival's website only. Tickets will be going on sale in January, so the prices aren't posted yet, but last year's tickets were $110 for a three-day pass, and $275 for a VIP pass. The festival also sells single day tickets and tickets to the night club shows.

The headliners for this year's event features American celtic rockers Dropkick Murphys, who have been touring all this year in support of their latest album Signed and Sealed in Blood.

Another headliner is Swedish hardcore punk band Refused, who recently announced their second reunion with performances at a string of festivals next year, including Punk Rock Bowling Festival.

Rancid, Berkeley's punk rockers, who recently released their first album in six years titled ...Honor Is All We Know.

One of the biggest celebration of punk music around, the festival's website stated,

'This is a 3 day outdoor festival starting in the afternoon and features 9 great bands each day on Saturday, Sunday and Monday celebrated with 7,000 of your close personal punk rock friends and many new lifelong friends to be made.'

Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival 2015 Lineup

Dropkick Murphys Rancid Refused

Entities 0 Name: Dropkick Murphys Count: 4 1 Name: Punk Rock Bowling Music Festival Count: 2 2 Name: Punk Rock Bowling Festival Count: 1 3 Name: Las Vegas Count: 1 4 Name: Los Vegas Count: 1 5 Name: Berkeley Count: 1 Related Keywords 0 Name: festival Score: 65 1 Name: punk Score: 62 2 Name: dropkick Score: 40 3 Name: rancid Score: 37 4 Name: bowling Score: 28 5 Name: murphys Score: 23 6 Name: music Score: 23 7 Name: tickets Score: 22 8 Name: rock Score: 20 9 Name: refused Score: 16 Authors Media Images 0

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Winter Music Festival offers a week of world-class entertainment in Ruidoso - Ruidoso News

Dr. Lisa Cheryl Thomas will perform at Sacred Grounds' new location

Posted: 11/26/2014 11:20:32 AM MST

The Winter Music Festival is about to begin.

The festival, previously known as the Chamber Music Festival, begins with a free performance by Cuban-born classical master guitarist Hector Garcia Dec. 5 at the St. Joseph's Apache Mission Church in Mescalero.

Thought by many to be the best classical guitarist in the world, Garcia received his master of guitar and master of music degrees from Peyrellade Conservatory and subsequently joined the faculty of the conservatory.

He later studied with the eminent musicologist and guitarist Emilio Pujol in Barcelona, and assisted him with master classes for advance students and performing artists.

Garcia's repertoire consists of works spanning the Renaissance through the present day, performed on the original instruments. Garcia plays a Pimentel guitar in addition to vihuela, lute, and baroque guitar. He has performed with orchestras including the Havana Symphony, Los Angeles Sinfoniette, New Mexico Symphony Orchestra, University of Albuquerque Chamber Orchestra, Dupon Consortium, and Caspar Symphony, and has toured major U.S. and European cities as well as Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, the Canary Islands, and Africa.

Garcia will perform at 6 p.m. Admission is free but a voluntary donation to the church restoration fund is requested.

Dec. 6 marks the date for a fundraiser for the Mountain Entertainment Group for the Arts, the new auspice of the Chamber Music Festival.

Pianist Dr. Lisa Cheryl Thomas will perform following the Festival of Lights Parade at the future location of Sacred Grounds Coffee & Tea House, 2702 Sudderth Drive.

Thomas graduated with a doctor of musical arts degree in piano performance from the University of North Texas. Her research and lecture recitals on American Classical Native Piano Repertoire and Indianist Piano Repertoire have awakened a new enthusiasm and interest in the music, which she has performed internationally in Varna, Bulgaria and Amalfi, Italy and in America.

Thomas is of Native American stock, counting members of the Cherokee, Blackfoot and Sioux tribes among her ancestors.

Tickets for the Dec. 6 performance are $20.

Thomas also will perform Dec. 7 at 3 p.m. at the Mescalero School Auditorium and again the following week for the Ruidoso Public Schools.

The Winter Music Festival also includes Christmas concerts by the Ruidoso High School Band at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 9, and the Ruidoso High School Choir at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 11. Admission for both performances is free and will be held in the Ruidoso High School auditorium on Warrior Drive.

Finishing out the Winter Festival will be a performance by 2013 Van Cliburn Competition bronze medalist Sean Chen.

Hailed as a charismatic rising star, pianist Chen won over fans and critics at the competition with 'an exceptional ability to connect with an audience combined with an easy virtuosity,' the Huffington Post reported.

The first American to earn a Cliburn award since 1997, Chen took home third prize, just months after being named the 2013 Christel DeHaan Classical Fellow of the American Pianists Association.

Chen will perform at 3 p.m. Dec. 13 at the Ruidoso High School auditorium. Admission is $15 for students; $25 for adults.

'We are very happy and excited to announce that the first new and improved festival presented by the Mountain Entertainment Group for the Arts will be held Dec. 5-13,' said Rebecca Ponder, board member. 'It will be held in multiple locations in and around Ruidoso. We're calling this first festival, the 2014 Winter Music Festival and are looking forward to bringing diverse and new musical offerings to the area.'

To purchase tickets or for information on supporting the Mountain Entertainment Group for the Arts call 575-937-0411 or visit

Entities 0 Name: Garcia Count: 4 1 Name: Thomas Count: 3 2 Name: Chen Count: 3 3 Name: Dr. Lisa Cheryl Thomas Count: 2 4 Name: Ruidoso High School Count: 2 5 Name: Mountain Entertainment Group Count: 2 6 Name: Caribbean Count: 1 7 Name: vihuela Count: 1 8 Name: Huffington Post Count: 1 9 Name: Festival of Lights Parade Count: 1 10 Name: Los Angeles Sinfoniette Count: 1 11 Name: Canary Islands Count: 1 12 Name: Dupon Count: 1 13 Name: Havana Count: 1 14 Name: New Mexico Count: 1 15 Name: Italy Count: 1 16 Name: St. Joseph 's Apache Mission Church Count: 1 17 Name: European Count: 1 18 Name: Blackfoot Count: 1 19 Name: Van Cliburn Competition Count: 1 20 Name: Ruidoso Count: 1 21 Name: Sacred Grounds Coffee & Tea House Count: 1 22 Name: Sudderth Drive Count: 1 23 Name: Mountain Entertainment Group for the Arts Count: 1 24 Name: Caspar Symphony Count: 1 25 Name: American Classical Native Piano Repertoire Count: 1 26 Name: America Count: 1 27 Name: U.S. Count: 1 28 Name: Cliburn Count: 1 29 Name: Christel DeHaan Count: 1 30 Name: Rebecca Ponder Count: 1 31 Name: Sioux Count: 1 32 Name: University of North Texas Count: 1 33 Name: Pimentel Count: 1 34 Name: Amalfi Count: 1 35 Name: University of Albuquerque Chamber Orchestra Count: 1 36 Name: Barcelona Count: 1 37 Name: Mescalero Count: 1 38 Name: Varna Count: 1 39 Name: American Pianists Association Count: 1 40 Name: Bulgaria Count: 1 41 Name: Sean Chen Count: 1 42 Name: Mexico Count: 1 43 Name: Ruidoso Public Schools Count: 1 44 Name: Africa Count: 1 45 Name: Emilio Pujol Count: 1 46 Name: Central America Count: 1 47 Name: Indianist Piano Repertoire Count: 1 48 Name: Mescalero School Auditorium Count: 1 49 Name: Ruidoso High School Choir Count: 1 50 Name: Hector Garcia Count: 1 Related Keywords 0 Name: ruidoso Score: 60 1 Name: festival Score: 46 2 Name: dec Score: 46 3 Name: perform Score: 45 4 Name: musical Score: 35 5 Name: garcia Score: 28 6 Name: chen Score: 25 7 Name: repertoire Score: 24 8 Name: thomas Score: 23 9 Name: symphony Score: 23 Authors Media Images 0