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Magic Tape 46 by The Magician (Official)

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Portland council gives go-ahead to summer music festival - Press Herald

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The organizer, Townsquare Media, projects a crowd of 6,000 to 8,000 on the Eastern Prom in August.

Portland city councilors gave the green light Monday for a major music festival on the Eastern Promenade next summer as city officials try to improve upon the success of a 2012 concert by the band Mumford & Sons.

Councilors voted unanimously to allow the acting city manager to continue working with Townsquare Media Portland LLC to plan a music festival on the Eastern Prom on a yet-to-be-determined weekend in August.

Townsquare Media, which owns radio stations in Maine and across the country, has also yet to say who might perform during the festival, but councilors - tiptoeing around a potentially sensitive issue - urged city staff to make sure any acts have a history of drawing well-behaved crowds.

'Not only is The Hill a scenic spot, it is a residential neighborhood,' Councilor Ed Suslovic said, referring to the Munjoy Hill neighborhood. 'And I want to make sure that we have the right to say, 'No, get someone else.' '

The festival would tentatively be scheduled for a Saturday from 1 to 10 p.m. on a stage set up in the Cutter Street middle parking lot, according to the proposal. The rain date would be the next day.

Diane Davison, executive director of the Friends of the Eastern Promenade, said the organization unanimously endorsed the proposed festival.

In talking with Townsquare Media, city officials are trying to replicate but on a smaller and better-organized scale an August 2012 festival headlined by Mumford & Sons, a British group that at the time was one of the hottest bands in the country. An estimated 15,000 fans flocked to the Eastern Prom that day.

Townsquare Media projects a crowd of 6,000 to 8,000 at next year's festival.

While the 2012 concert was widely considered a success - and a surprisingly smooth one, at that - there were some issues that came up during Monday night's City Council meeting.

Councilor Kevin Donoghue noted that he heard from some Munjoy Hill families who were denied access to their neighborhood for a half-hour or longer. Others complained about the placement of portable toilets next to their residences while festival-goers lamented the limited options and long lines for food during the daylong concert.

Andrew Downs, Portland's director of public assembly facilities, said the city staff is working on a system that will allow Munjoy Hill residents to get past the barricades to access their homes. The city is also looking at the proper placement of toilets and plans to work with Townsquare Media to make sure there are enough food vendors - including some local businesses - for the crowd.

'We have taken notes on the last time,' Downs said.

And then there was the issue of who will perform on the Eastern Prom - and more important, the common appeal of the music they will play and the behavior of the crowds they will draw.

Councilor Nicholas Mavodones said that the type of music played by Mumford & Sons - a folk-rock band - probably appealed to more residents than would loud 'metallic' acts.

'I'm a little concerned because I am not sure it is that easy to replicate what went well with Mumford & Sons,' Councilor Jon Hinck said. The problem isn't necessarily that bands behave inappropriately, Hinck said, 'the problem is the crowd they draw.'

But councilors also were sensitive to the fact that even discussing which acts were appropriate or inappropriate could be tricky. Ultimately, however, the city 'reserves the right to approve all performing artists prior to executing an official agreement,' according to a memo from Downs to the acting city manager, Sheila Hill-Christian.

In other news, a proposed comprehensive plan for the India Street neighborhood is moving through the council process.

In the works for well over a year, the India Street Sustainable Neighborhood Plan proposes several major changes to guide future development in a historic part of the city.

The proposal calls for:

* Creation of a historic district that would require more extensive review of new development as well as renovations to existing historic buildings.

* Establishment of a 'form-based code' that focuses less on what uses are allowed in the zone and more on the form, scale and mass of development. The aim of form-based codes is to create an environment that allows mixed-use development while maintaining a neighborhood feel.

* The use of 'inclusionary zoning' that would require housing developers to allocate some units for affordable housing or pay into a city fund.

There was broad agreement among members of the India Street Neighborhood Advisory Committee on some issues, but the group splintered on other questions, including whether to recommend specific height restrictions on new development and the boundaries of a proposed historic district.

Shipyard Brewing objected to the designation of two buildings that the brewery owns as 'potentially contributing' to the historic district zone. Shipyard's general counsel, Brandon Mazer, said Shipyard bought those two buildings years ago with the expectation that they could be demolished to accommodate future expansion. But Mazer said such a designation could preclude those plans.

'We don't want to be boxed into a corner and we are concerned that we would be,' said Mazer, a member of the working group who voted against the version now headed to City Council committees for review.

Entities 0 Name: Townsquare Media Count: 4 1 Name: Mumford & Sons Count: 4 2 Name: Munjoy Hill Count: 3 3 Name: City Council Count: 2 4 Name: Mazer Count: 2 5 Name: Portland Count: 2 6 Name: Brandon Mazer Count: 1 7 Name: Townsquare Media Portland LLC Count: 1 8 Name: Sheila Hill-Christian Count: 1 9 Name: India Street Neighborhood Advisory Committee Count: 1 10 Name: Ed Suslovic Count: 1 11 Name: Downs Count: 1 12 Name: Jon Hinck Count: 1 13 Name: Diane Davison Count: 1 14 Name: Kevin Donoghue Count: 1 15 Name: India Street Count: 1 16 Name: The Hill Count: 1 17 Name: Hinck Count: 1 18 Name: Eastern Prom Count: 1 19 Name: Eastern Promenade Count: 1 20 Name: Shipyard Brewing Count: 1 21 Name: India Count: 1 22 Name: Nicholas Mavodones Count: 1 23 Name: Andrew Downs Count: 1 24 Name: Maine Count: 1 Related 0 Url: http://ift.tt/1w1Wyqq Title: Music Festival may come to Portland next year Description: PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- An all-day music festival could be heading to the Eastern Promenade in Portland next summer. Although, it's unknown who the headlining acts would be. According to our media partners at Portland Press Herald, Townsquare Media Portland will ask the city council to approve the festival for sometime in Portland.

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The Backhanders - Campfire by Strummerville

The band were formed 6 months ago and have to date played only a handful of gigs with great success. Their first gig at Academy 3 sold out within days and since then they have gone on to support Twisted Wheel at the Kraak Gallery sessions which took place last month. More: http://ift.tt/1uubiIT ‎

Cats On The Beach - Helen Of Troy by Strummerville

Forbes Under 30 music festival free fun for VIPs and everybody else - Philly.com

Last updated: Monday, October 20, 2014, 1:08 AM Posted: Sunday, October 19, 2014, 11:27 PM

A white sign fluttered from a fourth-floor balcony at the Piazza at Schmidts where six young men and women sipped from bottles and red plastic cups, music blaring below.

'Yo Wiz,' the sign read, calling out to rapper Wiz Khalifa, 'After Party Over Here.'

The best party in the city on Sunday did, indeed, seem to be at the Under 30 music festival, where Khalifa and others played as part of the Forbes Under 30 Summit. The four-day event, which kicked off with the free concert, is bringing billionaires, venture capitalists, business tycoons, and young entrepreneurs together in Philadelphia through Wednesday.

In Northern Liberties, summit attendees had access to an area not far from the stage restricted to those with special passes.

For everyone else, the day was simply about music. Hundreds of 20-somethings were bundled up in scarves, puffy coats, and beanies, still guzzling beer as temperatures tumbled.

One of the performers in the first act, Philadelphia hip-hoppers OCD: Moosh & Twist, moved swiftly across the stage though one had an arm in a sling. The duo blasted their tunes into the microphone and briefly covered songs such as Snoop Dogg's 'Drop It Like It's Hot.'

The crowd swayed, waved hands, and sang along. Whiffs of marijuana occasionally filled the air. On a balcony from which many Piazza residents watched, a man in a zombie mask rocked his head and raised his fists in a pumped-up frenzy.

Forbes selected Philadelphia for the event because of the city's booming millennial population, represented by, among others, Karly Grindstaff, 26, who moved to Philadelphia from Asheville, N.C., to enroll in graduate programs at Temple and Drexel Universities.

'There's so many under-30s here,' she said, staying warm next to her friend near the stage. Her request for the Forbes event, modeled after the annual South by Southwest music festival in Texas: 'Keep it coming.'

Faran Malik, 23, wearing a red, white, and blue bandana around his head, said he was most excited to see Dutch DJ Afrojack.

'These are big names,' he said.

Daniel Creswell, 35, of Philadelphia, said having the event was good for the city.

'We need stuff like this, especially for young people,' he said. Though not everyone was young - a few feet from Creswell, a sixtyish man in a striped blue suit jacket moved to the music.

Creswell smiled. 'Everybody's enjoying themselves out here,' he said.


856-779-3829 @borenmc

Entities 0 Name: Philadelphia Count: 5 1 Name: Creswell Count: 2 2 Name: Piazza Count: 2 3 Name: Moosh & Twist Count: 1 4 Name: Khalifa Count: 1 5 Name: Forbes Under Count: 1 6 Name: N.C. Count: 1 7 Name: OCD Count: 1 8 Name: Schmidts Count: 1 9 Name: Asheville Count: 1 10 Name: Wiz Khalifa Count: 1 11 Name: Temple Count: 1 12 Name: Snoop Dogg Count: 1 13 Name: Karly Grindstaff Count: 1 14 Name: Daniel Creswell Count: 1 15 Name: Faran Malik Count: 1 16 Name: Drexel Universities Count: 1 17 Name: Texas Count: 1 18 Name: Southwest Count: 1 Related 0 Url: http://ift.tt/1sB73jf Title: Take Action And Win Free Tickets for Forbes' Under 30 Music Festival Description: Visit http://ift.tt/1qU59sP, Take Action To End Extreme Poverty, and Enter For A Chance to Win Two Tickets Over 2,500 Pairs of Free Tickets Will be Distributed Via Lottery Through MidnightET on Thursday, October 16 PHILADELPHIA (October 13, 2014) - To all local Philadelphia area music fans and activists 21+...

All-day music festival could come to Portland's Eastern Prom next summer - Press Herald

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City councilors will be asked to approve the event for sometime in August.

A Mumford & Sons-like all-day music festival might be headed for Portland's Eastern Promenade next summer, but it's not known what the main acts will be.

Townsquare Media Portland will ask the Portland City Council on Monday to approve a music festival for the Eastern Prom sometime in August. The proposal from the company says the artists will be selected soon after the city approves closing off part of the Eastern Prom for the event and the date will be one the city and Townsquare Media Portland agree on.

Mumford & Sons performed in front of about 15,000 people on the Eastern Prom in 2012. By all reports, the event went well and there were no arrests or major problems, but some Munjoy Hill residents weren't happy with all the closed-off streets and people walking through their neighborhood.

Townsquare Media Portland, which owns 15 radio stations in Maine, said it expects the event to draw up to 8,000 people. About two-thirds of the hillside area would be fenced and gated, less than the area that was blocked off for Mumford & Sons.

Work on setting up the festival would begin on the Thursday prior to the event, and the festival itself would be held on a Saturday from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. on a stage set up in the Cutter Street middle parking lot, the proposal said.

Beer and wine would be sold at the festival, according to Townsquare Media Portland's plan.

The fences, stages and other items brought in for the concert would be gone by noon on the Monday after the event.

A spokeswoman for Townsquare Media Group, the parent company based in Connecticut, declined to comment Friday, but she said more information might be released this week if the council approves the festival.

The company's website says that it stages more than 500 events a year, from classic rock and country music festivals to beer festivals and flower and garden shows.

Entities 0 Name: Townsquare Media Portland Count: 3 1 Name: Portland Count: 2 2 Name: Mumford & Sons Count: 2 3 Name: Mumford & Sons-like Count: 1 4 Name: City Count: 1 5 Name: Eastern Prom Count: 1 6 Name: Portland City Council Count: 1 7 Name: Munjoy Hill Count: 1 8 Name: Connecticut Count: 1 9 Name: Townsquare Media Group Count: 1 10 Name: Maine Count: 1 Related 0 Url: http://ift.tt/1vTLlrO Title: Observations on the Meta: Saturday at Treasure Island Music Festival 2014 Description: I planned on attending TIMF because I wanted to see what a small festival with no stage conflict would feel like in a FOMO-centric world. Would it be part of the perpetual hype machine or establish itself as a legitimately curated affair that strives to bring people the artists they need to hear, where full sets beg for an audience at all junctures?

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Dustin Lynch Hit by Beer Can at Country Music Festival - Guardian Liberty Voice

Country music singer, Dustin Lynch was hit by a beer can at a country music festival where he was performing on Friday evening. While on stage, in the middle of a song, Lynch was struck on the right side of his face when one of the concertgoers hurled a can of beer at him. It hit him just beneath his right eye, cutting a gash in his face.

The instance happened at the country music event Mullet Fest, which was taking place in Niceville, Florida. Lynch was just about to finish up his rendition of Garth Brooks' well known hit Friends in Low Places. Dustin explained that he was moving along the catwalk when totally out of nowhere, a can of beer came flying through the air. It slammed into his face extremely hard. Lynch, 29 spoke to a news media source and stated that the can was full of beer. He said it struck him with so much force that it felt like a baseball had hit him.

Even though Dustin was not able to catch sight of the person who tossed the can, fans instantly started pointing to the specific individual and a brawl soon resulted. However, the culprit failed to be caught even though he had been pointed out. There was blood flowing out of the wound but Lynch decided to continue on with his show. Dustin said regardless of the incident, they completed their show like they always did; it just happened to be somewhat bloodier this time around.

After the performance was over, the country singer was rushed to a nearby hospital emergency room. Physicians were able to stop the bleeding and Lynch received stitches to close the wound. He later explained this was not something that would cause him to slow down at all.

He went on to say he would use the incident to help promote his brand new single Hell of a Night, in a brand new way. Dustin said the song basically has taken on a new meaning after this event. However, he stated that it was not cool to throw beer cans. He explained that the person who tossed the can at him did something that nearly destroyed a good evening. Lynch stated that the audience was crazy loud and extremely loyal. That was the main reason he wanted to stay and finish up the performance even though he was bleeding. He did not want to leave the stage until he absolutely had to.

Lynch had been the headliner of the country music festival and he showed exactly why he was. He continued to go through with his show even after he was hit with the beer can. He could have been severely injured, but luckily he avoided something that could have been a real tragedy. Dustin's bodyguards went out into to the crowd when the brawl started up but they failed to locate the individual. However, being the trooper he is, he did not seek medical treatment until the show was over. Lynch refused to let a beer can slow him down.

By Kimberly Ruble

Entities 0 Name: Lynch Count: 7 1 Name: Dustin Count: 5 2 Name: Niceville Count: 1 3 Name: Garth Brooks Count: 1 4 Name: Florida Count: 1 5 Name: Low Places Count: 1 6 Name: Dustin Lynch Count: 1 Related 0 Url: http://ift.tt/1rSs1Up Title: Dustin Lynch Injured by Flying Can of Beer; Requires Stitches Description: Derek Storm/Splash News Online @JanineRayford 10/18/2014 AT 06:25 PM EDT It was a hell of a night, but not the kind Dustin Lynch was expecting. The country singer was injured during a performance on Friday night when a concertgoer threw a can of beer at the stage that struck him in the face.