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This weekend in live music: Tampa Heights Music Festival - Creative Loafing Tampa


Lots of live music on tap this weekend before Thanksgiving. A breakdown below...

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The Whiskey Gentry, The Higher Choir, Will Quinlan A few Atlanta-area roots-hued acts share the New World's patio stage with the Bay area's own folk rock troubadour Will Quinlan on this night - The Whiskey Gentry, their country-twangy fiddle-jumping sound fueled by the sweet drawling vocal melodies of frontwoman Lauren Staley, and The Higher Choir, their bourbon-kicking organ-driven tunes led by the rough-rasping howls of Chance Walls. (New World Brewery, Ybor City)

Clint Black Texas country music staple Clint Black enjoyed his come-up in the late '80s with a debut full-length, Killin' Time, that spawned four No. 1 singles and earned the then-fresh multi-instrumental singer-songwriter four Academy of Country Music awards. He's put out eight LPs and a few holiday albums since as well as several compilations; the fourth and latest collection, When I Said I Do, is a Cracker Barrel Old Country Store exclusive that dropped last year and found Black re-recording the title track along with other love songs spanning his more than 25-year career. (Capitol Theatre, Clearwater)

Instruments of Change 'Play it Forward' Concert Locally-based nonprofit organization Instruments of Change - which provides new and gently used instruments and free instruction to the community's disadvantaged youth - celebrates its five-year anniversary with its second annual Play It Forward concert. The national headliner is country music crooner Amber Carrington, who enjoyed her time in the spotlight as a top five semi-finalist coached by Adam Levine on Season 4 of NBC's The Voice. Also performing on this night is Striking Matches, a harmonizing country-rock duo made up of Sarah Zimmermann (guitar, mandolin) and Justin Davis (guitar), who've had seven songs featured on ABC drama Nashville, and rising young (17-year-old) songstress of twangy sounds, hometown favorite Caroline Kole. (Ferguson Hall at the Straz Center for Performing Arts, Tampa)

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Tampa Heights Music Festival with Jeff Kashiwa, Spam All Stars, New Groove City Feat. Gumbi Ortiz, Acme Jazz Garage, The Gerry Williams Band, Dynasty This weekend seems to be jam-packed with small, diverse and well-curated festivals, including the inaugural Tampa Heights Music Festival, a free (tickets required) day-long event that brings a handful of acts to the new Water Works Park. The flavors of the day are jazzy, funky, soulful and worldly, with an obvious highlight in Miami-spawned hip hop-and-Latin-music fused groovetronic ensemble Spam All Stars, and smooth n' easy jazz fusion sax player Jeff Kashiwa, best known for his tenure with The Rippingtons. (Water Works Park, Tampa)

Listener with Homeless Gospel Choir, Fero Lux, Brother Cephus A rather diverse bill of Saturday night music as headed up by Listener, aka Dan Smith, a Arkansas musician doling out doses of self-styled 'talk music,' his gruff-drawling stream of consciousness-style waxings on the American condition delivered over three albums worth of twangy, crunchy rock n' roll. (Orpheum, Ybor City)

Kurt Travis with Hotel Books, Tommy Boys, Samurai Shotgun, Rising Down Dance Gavin Dance's former frontman and the current leader of A Lot Like Birds, Kurt Travis, hits Ybor behind his studio full-length, Everything Is Beautiful. Also of note: Hotel Books, which pits gruff-voiced spoken word vocalizations against ambient post-rock instrumentals. (Market on 7th, Ybor City)

Thanksgiving Murkfest 3! with Mickey Spixx, Virginia Rose Band, Five Drexler, Genolexis, Ken Kong, Lyrikal & F.E.T.U.S, Trigger City Trio, Da Unknown Poet, Pedro El Poeta, OneRuggedSoul & many more Thanksgiving Murkfest strives to expose the diversity and hard-won chops of the local music scene via a day-long showcase featuring Bay area rock and hip hop acts. The third annual event is held at artist-owned gallery/warehouse Kymatic Studios and among the performers are femme-led crunchy alt rocking and driving Virginia Rose Band, which celebrates the release of a debut full-length, Make Believe; F.E.T.U.S., an emcee that delivers a darker, fiercer brand of hip hop in the vein of Tech N9ne but with more Southern crunking production by Lyrikal; and OneRuggedSoul, a trio with prog-heavy sounds that rip and rage, then slow down to a deliberate, drawn-out seethe only to regain propulsive speed in new single 'Devils.' Music starts at 7 p.m.; admission is $5. (Kymatic Studios, St. Petersburg)

Snacking, You'll Live, Shady Nasty, Basebourne, Pilgrimage A fatty pack of heavy Florida-brewed talent ranging from the experimental math-y technicality and tempo-changing ambient-meets-driving experimentalism of Lakeland's Pilgrimage, to the emo-soaked alt rock propulsion of South Florida's Basebourne. More info on The Fuzz Factory - a new(ish) DIY-style venue bringing touring indie acts to Gulfport - right here. (Fuzz Factory, Gulfport)

Miggs The latest round of dates from miggs - the Tampa pop rock band led by namesake native vocalist/guitarist Don Miggs - is a hype tour for forthcoming sixth studio album due out in early 2015 and preceded by anthemic groove-vibing first single 'Walls Come Down.' (Jaeb Theater at the Straz Center for Performing Arts, Tampa)

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Hooten Holler Country Jamboree wiyh Coctel Del Diablo, Dank III, Doug Burns, Gotohells, Hairdresser On Fire, The Huckleberry Family, Rebekah Pulley, Sara Rose Band, Uncle Pervy, Zanesville In the vein of past tributes paying tribute to yacht rock and '80s hair metal, Pretty Voices/Crippled Masters musician and scene staple Roger Peterson stages Hooten Holler Country Jamboree, which finds nearly a dozen local acts putting their original sonic stamp on old school country n' western fare. I imagine 'Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw' and 'Devil Went Down to Georgia' will be in there somewhere, maybe even an 'Islands in the Stream.' Re-imagined cuts by elder greats like Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, Willy Nelson, Hank Williams (Jr. and Sr.), Townes Van Zandt, Gram Parsons, Rosanne Cash and Buck Owens are likely on tap as well, but so far, participants have kept mum about exact setlist selections. You'll just have to pony up $5 and find out for yourself. (Local 662, St. Petersburg)

Melissa Etheridge The smoky-voiced acoustic guitar-rocking songstress has dealt with a lot of personal matters on a public-scale forum: her sexuality (she came out in 1993), her relationships (she has two children with ex-partner Julie Cypher, both fathered by CSNY primary David Crosby, and twins with ex-wife Tammy Lynn Michaels), her breast cancer scare (in remission since 2005) and her use of medical marijuana as a result. Sometimes all this news overshadows Melissa Etheridge's musical accomplishments, namely five multi-platinum-selling albums, a few Grammys and a creative well that continues yielding new material; her 12th studio LP, This is M.E. (ME), dropped in September. (Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater)

Sykes Chapel Concert Artist Series: Tom Teasley This free afternoon concert presented by University of Tampa features the talents of DC-area world percussionist and educator Tom Teasley, who uses parts of a drum-kit along with clay drums, marimba, shakers, djembe, Hang and various other exotic hand percussion instruments to build solos using techniques from around the globe. Here, his set touches on traditional, improvisational and original works, combining ancient percussion with digital technology. Teasley has received three Fulbright-Hayes Awards for his collaborations with indigenous master musicians. (Sykes Chapel at UT, Tampa)

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PUJOL with Sonic Graffiti, Florida Night Heat Despite being laid-down in clumsy, slap-dash recording conditions (a temporary studio set up at a teen suicide-prevention center and operated during its closed office hours, from 5 p.m. to 6 a.m.), and using mostly borrowed and donated gear, the new sophomore outing from Daniel Pujol aka PUJOL, Kludge - the album fueling this tour - is rather well-crafted, good-natured, buoyant yet crusty garage rock. (New World Brewery, Ybor City)

Rock School Blowout The Patel Conservatory's free showcase featuring students from its Rock School program moves off-campus to the Skipperdome. After their performances of classic and new rock n' roll tunes, locally-grown virtuoso Christie Lenée delivers a solo set showing off her impressive guitar prowess. (Skipper's Smokehouse, Tampa)

Entities 0 Name: Tampa Count: 6 1 Name: Ybor City Count: 4 2 Name: Will Quinlan Count: 2 3 Name: Kurt Travis Count: 2 4 Name: Spam All Stars Count: 2 5 Name: Gulfport Count: 2 6 Name: Virginia Rose Band Count: 2 7 Name: Straz Center for Performing Arts Count: 2 8 Name: Kymatic Studios Count: 2 9 Name: Tom Teasley Count: 2 10 Name: St. Petersburg Count: 2 11 Name: Clearwater Count: 2 12 Name: PUJOL Count: 2 13 Name: Hooten Holler Country Jamboree Count: 2 14 Name: Jeff Kashiwa Count: 2 15 Name: Tampa Heights Count: 2 16 Name: Bay Count: 2 17 Name: Melissa Etheridge Count: 2 18 Name: Adam Levine Count: 1 19 Name: Doug Burns Count: 1 20 Name: CSNY Count: 1 21 Name: Trigger City Trio Count: 1 22 Name: Zanesville Count: 1 23 Name: Drexler Count: 1 24 Name: Gram Parsons Count: 1 25 Name: New World Count: 1 26 Name: marimba Count: 1 27 Name: Sara Rose Band Count: 1 28 Name: Lakeland Count: 1 29 Name: Coctel Del Diablo Count: 1 30 Name: Justin Davis Count: 1 31 Name: Townes Van Zandt Count: 1 32 Name: Christie Lenée Count: 1 33 Name: Julie Cypher Count: 1 34 Name: Instruments of Change Count: 1 35 Name: South Florida Count: 1 36 Name: Rippingtons Count: 1 37 Name: Sarah Zimmermann Count: 1 38 Name: Ruth Eckerd Hall Count: 1 39 Name: Pedro El Poeta Count: 1 40 Name: Dank III Count: 1 41 Name: F.E.T.U.S. Count: 1 42 Name: New Groove City Feat Count: 1 43 Name: Uncle Pervy Count: 1 44 Name: Rising Down Dance Gavin Dance Count: 1 45 Name: Johnny Cash Count: 1 46 Name: Willy Nelson Count: 1 47 Name: Florida Count: 1 48 Name: Gotohells Count: 1 49 Name: Don Miggs Count: 1 50 Name: UT Count: 1 51 Name: Rebekah Pulley Count: 1 52 Name: Roger Peterson Count: 1 53 Name: Clint Black Texas Count: 1 54 Name: Caroline Kole Count: 1 55 Name: Rosanne Cash Count: 1 56 Name: Arkansas Count: 1 57 Name: Samurai Shotgun Count: 1 58 Name: Tammy Lynn Michaels Count: 1 59 Name: Lyrikal Count: 1 60 Name: NBC Count: 1 61 Name: Lyrikal & F.E.T.U. S Count: 1 62 Name: Georgia Count: 1 63 Name: Amber Carrington Count: 1 64 Name: Gerry Williams Band Count: 1 65 Name: Daniel Pujol Count: 1 66 Name: American Count: 1 67 Name: Voice Count: 1 68 Name: University of Tampa Count: 1 69 Name: Sykes Chapel Count: 1 70 Name: Clint Black Count: 1 71 Name: Fero Lux Count: 1 72 Name: Killin Count: 1 73 Name: David Crosby Count: 1 74 Name: Patsy Cline Count: 1 75 Name: Mickey Spixx Count: 1 76 Name: Academy of Country Music Count: 1 77 Name: Ken Kong Count: 1 78 Name: Lauren Staley Count: 1 79 Name: Nashville Count: 1 80 Name: Grammys Count: 1 81 Name: Teasley Count: 1 82 Name: Da Unknown Poet Count: 1 83 Name: Tommy Boys Count: 1 84 Name: Hank Williams Count: 1 85 Name: ABC Count: 1 86 Name: Dan Smith Count: 1 87 Name: Murkfest Count: 1 88 Name: Gumbi Ortiz Count: 1 89 Name: Buck Owens Count: 1 90 Name: Basebourne Count: 1 Related 0 Url: Title: Pioneers of Progressive Bluegrass, Hot Rize, Regroup After Two Decades Description: Halfway through a sold-out date at City Winery in New York City last week, the four members of the newly resurrected bluegrass group Hot Rize announced they needed to take a break. "Bluegrass music is very fast and it's kind of challenging, technically," deadpanned bassist Nick Forster, who doubles as the group's MC.

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"This is Memphis" Music Festival Showcases Local Talent - Memphis Flyer

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Sounds of live rock, country, folk, and hip-hop will flow through the New Daisy Theatre this Saturday during the first annual 'This is Memphis' music festival.

Blue TOM Records, a label spearheaded by University of Memphis students, is presenting the culture-filled event. Among the diverse lineup of artists slated to perform include Mason Jar Fireflies, Mary Owens, Austyn Michael, Deering and Down, and Drew Erwin.

Tickets can be purchased for $5 in advance, but on the day of the event tickets will be $7. There are also V.I.P. tickets available, which provide exclusive access to the venue's lounge area as well as a plate of barbecue.

All of the proceeds from This is Memphis will be split among the performing acts.

'We just wanted to give back to the artists because the industry is so tough,' said Misty Ingram, publicist for Blue TOM Records. 'We just wanted to let the artists know they are appreciated. 'This is what you earned. The people came to see you.''

Famed rock 'n' roll artist/musician Jerry Lee Lewis is among the sponsors for This is Memphis, donating $1,000 toward the event.

Although this is the first installment of the event, Ingram said she hopes This is Memphis will blossom into a music festival known for showcasing some of the best up-and-coming talent Memphis has to offer.

'It probably sounds cliché, but I want [attendees] to embrace what Memphis is all about,' Ingram said. 'I want them to know that there are artists out here that are talented and are gifted. I want them to just come and have fun and experience the whole 'This is Memphis' culture.'

Doors at the New Daisy open at 7 p.m. for This is Memphis. Live performances begin at 8 p.m.

Entities 0 Name: Memphis Count: 7 1 Name: Ingram Count: 2 2 Name: University of Memphis Count: 1 3 Name: Mary Owens Count: 1 4 Name: Austyn Michael Count: 1 5 Name: Drew Erwin Count: 1 6 Name: Blue TOM Records Count: 1 7 Name: Deering Count: 1 8 Name: Misty Ingram Count: 1 9 Name: Mason Jar Fireflies Count: 1 10 Name: Jerry Lee Lewis Count: 1 Related Keywords 0 Name: memphis Score: 57 1 Name: ingram Score: 24 2 Name: artists Score: 23 3 Name: daisy Score: 15 4 Name: tickets Score: 13 5 Name: event Score: 12 6 Name: up-and-coming Score: 10 7 Name: austyn Score: 10 8 Name: culture-filled Score: 10 9 Name: hip-hop Score: 10 authors 0 Name: Louis Goggans Url: Media Images 0

Nelsonville Music Festival 2015 lineup includes St. Vincent, Merle Haggard - Columbus Dispatch (blog)

By: Susannah Elliott

The main walkway of the 2011 Nelsonville Music Festival, held in Nelsonville, Ohio (Brooke LaValley | Dispatch)

The 11th annual Nelsonville Music Festival will feature Merle Haggard, St. Vincent, Trampled by Turtles, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Moon Hooch and My Bubba, as announced by on the festival's website today.

Presented by Stuart's Opera House and held at Hocking College's Historic Village of Robbins Crossing, the Nelsonville Music Festival has grown from a daylong, folk-centered event to a four-day showcase of diverse acts that in recent years have included The Flaming Lips, The Avett Brothers, Wilco, Andrew Bird, Dinosaur Jr. and Iron & Wine.

'We definitely have become more known,' said Tim Peacock, executive director of the celebration in southeastern Ohio, in a Dispatch story earlier this year. 'It's good for our community.'

Weekend passes for the 2015 festival are available at for $110.

See you all at #nmf15!

A photo posted by Nelsonville Music Festival (@nelsonvillefest) onNov 11, 2014 at 5:58am PST

Entities 0 Name: Nelsonville Music Festival Count: 4 1 Name: Ohio Count: 2 2 Name: Nelsonville Count: 1 3 Name: Stuart 's Opera House Count: 1 4 Name: Dinosaur Jr. Count: 1 5 Name: Moon Hooch Count: 1 6 Name: St. Vincent Count: 1 7 Name: Brooke LaValley Count: 1 8 Name: Merle Haggard Count: 1 9 Name: Andrew Bird Count: 1 10 Name: Wilco Count: 1 11 Name: Avett Brothers Count: 1 12 Name: Hocking College Count: 1 13 Name: Susannah Elliott Count: 1 14 Name: Historic Village of Robbins Crossing Count: 1 15 Name: Tim Peacock Count: 1 16 Name: Bubba Count: 1 Related 0 Url: Title: Shepherd hired as executive director for Astoria Music Festival Description: The Astoria Music Festival's hiring a fulll-time executive director is a major step forward. The Astoria Music Festival has hired its first full-time executive director. Carol Shepherd will move to the festival office on Commercial Street from the Columbia River Maritime Museum, where she has been administrative assistant.

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NJ man caught with drugs on way to Illinois music festival gets 9 years in ... -

A New Jersey man was sentenced to nine years in prison after he was caught with LSD, ecstasy and ketamine in Illinois, according to local media reports.

Milan Matarazzo, 22, of Whitehouse Station, was driving to a music festival in Chillicothe, Ill. when officers from a drug enforcement task force stopped him in May 2013, the Journal Star in Peoria, Ill. reported.

Authorities heavily patrol the area surrounding the music festival's camp grounds every year around the time of the event, according to the report. Around 120 drug cases typically get filed each year from these traffic stops, James Mack, the state's attorney, told the newspaper.

Most of these cases, however, are misdemeanors, Mack said.

Matarazzo was charged with nine felonies including trafficking LSD, ecstasy and ketamine, an animal sedation medication abused by drug users. He was facing a maximum sentece of 30 years in prison, according to the report.

Matarazzo took a plea agreement which eliminated the trafficking charges and 'reduced the amounts on some charges,' the report said.

He can request to serve his sentence in a facility in New Jersey.

Alex Napoliello may be reached at Follow him on Twitter @alexnapoNJ. Find on Facebook.

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Entities 0 Name: Matarazzo Count: 3 1 Name: New Jersey Count: 2 2 Name: Ill. Count: 2 3 Name: Alex Napoliello Count: 1 4 Name: Peoria Count: 1 5 Name: James Mack Count: 1 6 Name: Illinois Count: 1 7 Name: Whitehouse Station Count: 1 8 Name: Mack Count: 1 9 Name: Chillicothe Count: 1 Related Keywords 0 Name: matarazzo Score: 28 1 Name: ketamine Score: 20 2 Name: lsd Score: 17 3 Name: ecstasy Score: 17 4 Name: mack Score: 15 5 Name: trafficking Score: 12 6 Name: drug Score: 11 7 Name: sentece Score: 10 8 Name: napoliello Score: 10 9 Name: njadvancemedia Score: 10 Authors Media Images 0

Toby Keith Joins Taste of Country Music Festival Lineup - The Boot

Courtesy of Toby Keith

The Taste of Country Music Festival has not one, not two, but three country superstars in its lineup. Toby Keith has been added to the three-day festival, ensuring that fans will not only be drinking out of red Solo cups, but singing about them as well.

ToC Fest is set to take place June 12-14, 2015, at Hunter Mountain Resort in Hunter, N.Y. Keith joins previously announced headliners Tim McGraw and Keith Urban ... and that's just the beginning.

'We're not finished yet,' says Dhruv Prasad, executive vice president of live events for Townsquare Media, which owns the festival. 'All I can say is there are more great acts to be announced, so stay tuned.'

Due to demand, and in addition to its usual lineup of ticketing and camping packages, the festival is offering attendees a new off-site car and RV camping option at Bear Creek, located a few miles from the festival grounds. All campers at this new spot will receive free shuttle service to and from the main event area.

'As we continue to grow, we want to accommodate as many people as we can who want to camp,' says Matt LaRose, Townsquare's vice president of live events. 'The off-site camping option is a great solution, as it's very affordable, close to the festival grounds and provides additional amenities, like free showers and shuttle service.'

But prices just increased, so be sure to nab your spot and ticket (and encourage your friends to do the same) in order to get the best deal! You can find more information at the Taste of Country Music Festival's website.

Buy Tickets to the 2015 Taste of Country Music Festival Entities 0 Name: Hunter Mountain Resort Count: 1 1 Name: Townsquare Count: 1 2 Name: Tim McGraw Count: 1 3 Name: Bear Creek Count: 1 4 Name: Hunter Count: 1 5 Name: Keith Urban Count: 1 6 Name: Toby Keith The Taste of Country Music Festival Count: 1 7 Name: Dhruv Prasad Count: 1 8 Name: N.Y. Count: 1 9 Name: Matt LaRose Count: 1 10 Name: Toby Keith Count: 1 11 Name: Townsquare Media Count: 1 Related 0 Url: Title: Strategy Session: How to Grow a Music Festival Description: The creators of Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest use events throughout the year to keep interest-and attendance-high. Graham Williams and James Moody, the co-founders of Austin's Fun Fun Fun Festival, which took place November 7 to 9, originally set out to create a festival that wasn't like the bigger ones in the country.

ToC Fest Announcement - Taste of Country

Courtesy of Toby Keith

Toby Keith has been announced as the third and final headliner for the 2015 Taste of Country Music Festival!

Keith joins fellow superstars Tim McGraw and Keith Urban to headline the three-day festival, which takes place June 12-14 at the beautifully scenic Hunter Mountain in Hunter, N.Y.

Past years have included a mix of some of the the biggest stars in country and hot young acts, including Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley, Brantley Gilbert, Hank Williams, Jr., Randy Houser, Chase Rice, Thompson Square and many more. With three of country's biggest names already confirmed, 2015 promises to be the biggest year yet for the event, which is the first and only three-day country music and camping festival in the northeast.

'We are thrilled to add Toby Keith to our superstar lineup,' says Dhruv Prasad, Executive Vice President, Live Events, Townsquare Media Inc. 'There is not a country music festival in the Northeast that can boast Tim, Keith and Toby as headliners. And we're not finished yet - all I can say is there are more great acts to be announced, so stay tuned.'

Tickets for the Taste of Country Music Festival are now on sale here. General admission tickets start at only $140 for a three-day pass, available for a limited time only. VIP packages start at $490 for a three-day VIP Outlaw Pass, with Super Outlaw Pass and Ultimate Outlaw Pass packages also available.

Those upgrade packages include amenities like a special viewing area for performances, 24-hour indoor bathrooms, a gourmet buffet dinner every night, private golf cart with concierge available 24/7 and complimentary drinks for the duration of the festival.

With our camping options so popular, the festival is also now offering attendees a new offsite car and RV camping option at Bear Creek, located a few miles from the festival grounds, with prices starting at $79. The offsite camping passes will come with free shuttle service to and from the festival grounds and include free showers.

Because we boast the hottest lineup and best amenities available, tickets to the 2015 Taste of Country Music Festival are sure to go fast. Click below to make sure you get yours before they're sold out!

Be sure to keep up with the latest news about the festival on Facebook and Twitter.

Highlights From Past Years at the ToC Music Fest Buy Tickets to the 2015 Taste of Country Music Festival Entities 0 Name: Taste of Country Music Festival Count: 1 1 Name: Tim McGraw Count: 1 2 Name: Randy Houser Count: 1 3 Name: Hank Williams , Jr. Count: 1 4 Name: Brantley Gilbert Count: 1 5 Name: Tim Count: 1 6 Name: Courtesy of Toby Keith Toby Keith Count: 1 7 Name: Super Outlaw Pass and Ultimate Outlaw Pass Count: 1 8 Name: northeast Count: 1 9 Name: Hunter Mountain Count: 1 10 Name: Hunter Count: 1 11 Name: Keith Urban Count: 1 12 Name: Dhruv Prasad Count: 1 13 Name: Townsquare Media Inc. Count: 1 14 Name: Keith Count: 1 15 Name: Bear Creek Count: 1 16 Name: Chase Rice Count: 1 17 Name: N.Y. Count: 1 18 Name: Dierks Bentley Count: 1 19 Name: Toby Count: 1 20 Name: Brad Paisley Count: 1 21 Name: Thompson Square Count: 1 22 Name: Toby Keith Count: 1 Related 0 Url: Title: Strategy Session: How to Grow a Music Festival Description: The creators of Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest use events throughout the year to keep interest-and attendance-high. Graham Williams and James Moody, the co-founders of Austin's Fun Fun Fun Festival, which took place November 7 to 9, originally set out to create a festival that wasn't like the bigger ones in the country.

Freerange Radioshow 153 - November 2014 - One Hour presented by Jimpster by Jimpster

One hour presented by Jimpster Matt Karmil - I Freeze - Yumé Records Mr Beatnick - Marshmallows - Tief Music Harvey Sutherland - Bamboo - Voyage Recordings Daniel Leseman - Drums - Outplay Recordings Paxton Fettel - She's Alright (Jimpster Remix) - Apersonal Frederick - Eyes Closed (The Revenge Remix) - Fifty Fathoms Deep Roy Comanchero - Lucid Memory - Running Back Appian - Operator (Monty Luke Remix) - Fina Hyenah - Tale From The Dirt (Rampa Remix) - Freerange Moomin - Time Circle - Closer Aybee - The Pursuit - Sound Of Speed HNNY - Nothing - Local Talk