Monday, 28 July 2014

Imagine Music Festival announces full lineup

Imagine Music Festival has announced the full lineup for its inaugural two-day music event.

The event will take place during Labor Day Weekend, Aug. 30-31, in Atlanta at three different locations - Historic Fourth Ward Park, Masquerade Music Park and Clear Creek Basin.

Imagine is the third major electronic dance music festival to come to the Peach State. TomorrowWorld, the state's largest music festival, announced its line up on June 17 and will be held from Sept. 26-28. in Chattahoochee Hills, Ga. Counterpoint held its second annual outdoor music festival earlier in the summer from April 25-27 at Kingston Downs in Rome, Ga.

According to Imagine, the festival will feature performances from:

Adventure Club Aphrodite Araab Musik Archnemesis Beats Antique Buku Caspa Destroid Dieselboy Eddie Gold Emancipator Ensemble Ethan Kath of Crystal Castles Fedde Le Grand Infected Mushroom DJ Set Mantis Michal Menert - Pretty Lights Music Label Minnesota MK Ultra Neon Indian DJ Set Paper Diamond Phutureprmitive Ployd Protohype Megan James of Purity Ring DJ Set Ra RJD2 Rusko Seven Lions Shpongle Sky Blu of LMFAO Supervision - Pretty Lights Music Label Stranger Candy Swayze Unlimited Aspect

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Sampling of CPE Bach's music at Capitol Hill Chamber Music Festival

This year's installment of the Capitol Hill Chamber Music Festival opened with another observation of the tricentennial year of the birth of C.P.E. Bach. On Saturday night at St. Mark's Episcopal Church, flutist Jeffrey Cohan, violinist Marlisa del Cid Woods and harpsichordist Joseph Gascho offered a sampling of music by J.S. Bach's most famous son.

Cohan performed on an 18th-century transverse flute, and the chance to hear this music on an instrument from Bach's time in this intimate acoustic was worthwhile. In two trios for this combination of instruments, Wq. 143 in B minor and Wq. 149 in C, del Cid Woods and Gascho are to be commended for never overpowering the flute's pale, often fragile tone. These pieces are among the best in the composer's chamber music output, contrapuntally intricate and with daring chromatic touches.

In a solo outing, Gascho shifted skillfully between manuals to achieve the contrast of piano and forte in Bach's Sonata in C minor, Wq. 48/4 (the fourth 'Prussian' sonata), adding some pleasing embellishments and using a cadenza found in one source for the second movement. Del Cid Woods produced a laser-focused, pretty tone on her violin, so it was a shame that she had no piece to showcase her.

Instead, most of the programming was focused on Cohan, whose tone became timorous at times in the unaccompanied Flute Sonata in A minor, Wq. 132, wilting at the top of its range. Worse, Cohan took extreme rhythmic liberties even in the ensemble pieces, perhaps trying to create an unpredictable quality by adding so many coy hesitations that there were scarcely two bars taken in strict meter. All music needs some freedom, but Cohan's willful approach undermined the intricate overlapping of lines, like a complex watchwork gummed up with dust.

Downey is a freelance writer.

Entities 0 Name: Cohan Count: 4 1 Name: Bach Count: 2 2 Name: Wq Count: 2 3 Name: J.S. Bach Count: 1 4 Name: Joseph Gascho Count: 1 5 Name: St. Mark Count: 1 6 Name: Episcopal Church Count: 1 7 Name: Capitol Hill Chamber Music Festival Count: 1 8 Name: Gascho Count: 1 9 Name: Marlisa del Cid Woods Count: 1 10 Name: Cid Woods Count: 1 11 Name: Del Cid Woods Count: 1 12 Name: C.P.E. Bach Count: 1 13 Name: Downey Count: 1 14 Name: Jeffrey Cohan Count: 1 Related 0 Url: Title: Kick Back With Instrumental Chillout & Lounge Music [Sound Sunday] Description: Music and light can really change the atmosphere of a room. Here are free music downloads to add a chilled lounge vibe to your place. If you enjoy Sound Sunday, don't forget to share it with your friends! This will help us keep this free & legal music downloads series going.

Hypercolour - Rinse FM Show - 25th July 2014 - Cedric Maison by Hypercolour

Hypercolour - Rinse FM Show - 25th July 2014 - Cedric Maison Tracklist Josh Brent ft Tempo O'Neill - Then Again (The Nothing Special) Mr.G - Weekend Off? (Phoenix G) Randomer - Huh (L.I.E.S) Dario Zenker - Morsin (The Trilogy Tapes) EN - For You (So Wavy) Christopher Rau - Swearing (Thema) Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie - Limehouse Afternoon (Karlovak) Head High - Megatrap [Real Mix] (Power House) Pedestrian - Ultramarine Express (Born Electric) 21st Century - Tricks Are Made For Kids [Gerry Read Edit] Mr.G - Last Chance Saloon [Mango Boy's Plantation Dub] (Don't Be Afraid) Traumprinz - I Love Ya (Traumprinz) Gesloten Cirkel - Zombiemachine [Acid Mix] (Murder Capital) Pedestrian - Drop Bear [Tin Man Acid Warehouse remix] (Born Electric] Minimal Man - Consexual (Guerilla Records) Tessela - Rough 2 (R&S) The Zenker Brothers - Heeman (Ilian Tape) Makam - This Deep (Amulett) Mak & Pasteman - Formation (Materials) Syclops - Jump Bugs (Running Back) Caribou - Can't Do Without You (Jialong) The Acid - Fame [Jesse Rose remix] (Infectious) X Static - Free (Production House)

Karma Kid - Bird Of Prey by future classic

Karma Kid's new single 'Bird of Prey' is out now on Future Classic. Get it here: Bird of Prey is the title track off a 12" record, also coming soon on FC. Get around Karma Kid: @KarmaKidMusic

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Upper Valley Music Festival relaxed in return to Greenfield

Trin Cheile plays in the Second Congregational Church in Greenfield on Saturday as part of the Upper Valley Music Festival.Recorder/Micky Bedell Purchase photo reprints '

The band Span of Sunshine plays in 'The Alley' stage of the Upper Valley Music Festival in Greenfield on Saturday.Recorder/Micky Bedell Purchase photo reprints '

Jamie Kent and the Options play in the Greenfield Energy Park on Saturday as part of the Upper Valley Music Festival. Recorder/Micky Bedell Purchase photo reprints '

An Upper Valley Music Festival artist jams out on the Greenfield Town Common Saturday.Recorder/Micky Bedell Purchase photo reprints '

GREENFIELD - The Upper Valley Music Festival spread out around the Town Common and the main intersection Saturday, fitting easily back into Greenfield after two years in neighboring Turners Falls.

The festival stages multiple performers in multiple venues throughout the afternoon and evening, all within walking distance of each other and the rest of downtown, whichever downtown it is.

At 2:20 p.m., the festival had been underway for two hours and 20 minutes, and Westfield couple Dave Carlsen and Joanne Quirk were breaking for lunch in the Smithsonian Chowder House, adjoining one of the eight stages.

'I've actually already seen four bands, including that guy who just walked by, who I haven't seen in 25 years and is still going strong,' Carlsen said, indicating blues musician Wildcat O'Halloran. 'Also Katelyn Richards who was on after him, who I saw a couple of weeks ago at the Green River Festival. She was fantastic, she's going to go big.'

Carlsen and Quirk heard of this festival at the Green River Festival and decided to check it out.

'We like the area and we thought this would be a good way to spend the day up here, popping in and out of music venues, looking around the town to get the feel for it,' Carlsen said. 'I like the fact that you can, as much as we love the music, you can get away from it. There are galleries, you can go to The People's Pint, something like that then get back into it so it's kind of like you can recharge your batteries a little bit.'

Organizer Tommy Byrnes of Sovereignty Music Services in Bernardston began the show in Greenfield in 2011 after plans for his birthday party got a little out of hand. Turners Falls businesses and institutions hosted the shows in 2012 and 2013, and Byrnes said a scheduling conflict brought the festival back to Greenfield. 'I wish things had worked out in Turners, but being here is really awesome,' he said.

Looking forward, the festival isn't anchored. 'Our hopes are that within the next couple of years, we'll be in more than one town,' Byrnes said. 'Multiple days in multiple towns.'

The festival raises funds for the American Cancer Society, running on a shoestring budget with no one getting paid. Byrnes didn't have a figure off the top of his head, but said they donated 'thousands and thousands of dollars' over the first three years. Byrnes also describes the festival as an opportunity for musicians to network and strengthen the music scene in the upper Pioneer Valley.

Waiting to play in the Replay Annex venue, behind the Pushkin building, Brattleboro singer-songwriter and guitarist Larry Allen Brown said he's performed in the festival for three years because he moved to the area three years ago and needed the exposure. It seemed to be working Sunday.

'I picked up a gig here for October,' he said. 'I haven't even played yet.'

Garrett Sawyer, bassist for valley band the Gaslight Tinkers, was performing for his fourth year Saturday before the bands leaves for a tour as far afield as North Carolina. 'It's a great way to connect with the local community and walking around I always see friends from other bands I haven't met up with in a while, so much of the Pioneer Valley music scene is here today,' Sawyer said. 'Also, Tommy's awesome, the organiser. I support whatever he does.'

You can reach Chris Curtis at: or 413-772-0261, ext. 257

Entities 0 Name: Upper Valley Music Festival Count: 4 1 Name: Greenfield Count: 4 2 Name: Byrnes Count: 4 3 Name: Recorder\/Micky Bedell Purchase Count: 4 4 Name: Carlsen Count: 3 5 Name: Pioneer Valley Count: 2 6 Name: Green River Festival Count: 2 7 Name: Brattleboro Count: 1 8 Name: Garrett Sawyer Count: 1 9 Name: Pushkin Count: 1 10 Name: Greenfield Town Common Count: 1 11 Name: Greenfield Energy Park Count: 1 12 Name: American Cancer Society Count: 1 13 Name: Smithsonian Chowder House Count: 1 14 Name: Chris Curtis Count: 1 15 Name: Wildcat O'Halloran Count: 1 16 Name: Trin Cheile Count: 1 17 Name: Dave Carlsen Count: 1 18 Name: Larry Allen Brown Count: 1 19 Name: Sovereignty Music Services Count: 1 20 Name: Joanne Quirk Count: 1 21 Name: Katelyn Richards Count: 1 22 Name: Tommy Count: 1 23 Name: Tommy Byrnes Count: 1 24 Name: Westfield Count: 1 25 Name: Sawyer Count: 1 26 Name: Bernardston Count: 1 27 Name: Second Congregational Church in Greenfield Count: 1 28 Name: North Carolina Count: 1 29 Name: Turners Falls Count: 1 30 Name: Jamie Kent Count: 1 Related 0 Url: Title: How Ravers Became the New Flower Children Description: The 400,000-odd people who flocked to Las Vegas last month for the Electric Daisy electronic dance music (EDM) festival probably didn't make much of its name. Clad in sparkly tutus, neon spandex, glittery bikinis, and enormous furry boots, they came to dance, to gaze starry-eyed at the LED graphics, and to enjoy the warmth and communal spirit of the crowd-not to question the unlikely juxtaposition of electricity and daisies.

Justin Moore closing act at IMS Brickfest Music Festival

The 33-year old was honorably discharged after 12-years of service back in 2012.

IMS tweeted out to fans that the concerts were cancelled due to severe weather.

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - The Brickfest Music Festival at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway will feature Justin Moore as the closing act on Saturday night.

The 30-year-old country music singer got a chance to walk around the track before Saturday night's show.

Moore says there are a lot of parallels between NASCAR fans and country music fans, and because of that people can always expect a really good show.

'It's a lot of fun, beyond me being a country singer and a big NASCAR fan. It's really inspiring to meet these guys and gals having the race named after them and hear their story, and get to know them is pretty rewarding as well,' said Moore.

Justin Moore will also be at the Monroe County fairgrounds on Sunday.

Entities 0 Name: Moore Count: 2 1 Name: NASCAR Count: 2 2 Name: Justin Moore Count: 2 3 Name: Indianapolis Motor Speedway Count: 1 4 Name: Monroe County Count: 1 5 Name: IMS Count: 1 6 Name: INDIANAPOLIS Count: 1 Related 0 Url: Title: Brick wall: Why Indy has lost its allure for NASCAR fans Description: INDIANAPOLIS - Huge banners cover several sections of seats at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. To see it at other NASCAR racetracks is disappointing. To see it at these hallowed grounds is downright frustrating. It's no surprise, though, that IMS officials have covered seats at this mammoth facility.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Initial Moontower Music Festival in Midway draws a youthful crowd

MIDWAY - Despite temperatures in the high 80s and her all-black wardrobe, Susan Hall was there for every act at the inaugural Moontower Music Festival, dancing the afternoon away just feet from the stage at Equus Run Vineyard.

'I can't help dancing when I hear music - it just moves me,' the Lexington resident said. 'This is great, and I love that they have all of these different types of music out here.'

The Moontower festival is the latest addition to a busy summer music festival scene in the Central Kentucky region that includes events like the Forecastle Festival in Louisville, which was held last weekend.

With an expected attendance of 1,200, Moontower obviously wasn't as huge as the Louisville event that attracted tens of thousands of fans over three days. But LexEffect founder and president Kaelyn Query said hopes are the festival will grow.

Equus Run team leader Adam Lawrence appreciated that the event was drawing a younger crowd to the vineyard.

'We usually don't have so many people under 30 out here,' he said.

The event distinguished itself by offering a variety of music styles, from country to indie rock to pop rock, all to a satisfied crowd.

Victoria Wise and Karlie Richardson, fans of bluegrass and Americana artist Tyler Childers, were up front for his 2 p.m. set but said they were also excited for headliners Moon Taxi and other acts.

'We listen to all kinds of music, so this is perfect,' Wise said.

After his set, Childers said he usually plays festivals focused on bluegrass and country, like last weekend's Buckle Up country music festival in Cincinnati, and he appreciated the chance to be on the bill with artists of other genres.

'We don't get to see each other much, so this is great,' Childers said.

Query said she will let the audience direct how future Moontower fests are programmed, but she hopes to maintain diversity.

Hall just enjoyed the chance to dance.

As Brave Baby started its encore, she said, 'I hope they do this again.'

Rich Copley: (859) 231-3217. Twitter: @copiousnotes. Blog:

Entities 0 Name: Louisville Count: 2 1 Name: Childers Count: 2 2 Name: LexEffect Count: 1 3 Name: Wise Count: 1 4 Name: Susan Hall Count: 1 5 Name: Adam Lawrence Count: 1 6 Name: Moontower Count: 1 7 Name: Brave Baby Count: 1 8 Name: Lexington Count: 1 9 Name: Tyler Childers Count: 1 10 Name: Central Kentucky Count: 1 11 Name: Karlie Richardson Count: 1 12 Name: Cincinnati Count: 1 13 Name: Moon Taxi Count: 1 14 Name: Kaelyn Query Count: 1 15 Name: Equus Run Vineyard Count: 1 16 Name: Equus Run Count: 1 Related 0 Url: Title: Thousands enjoy first night of acts at 13th Wickerman Festival Description: Thousands of revellers have enjoyed the first night of acts at the 13th Wickerman Festival in Dumfries and Galloway. Around 12,000 music fans are expected at the festival at Dundrennan Farm over the weekend. Surprise booking Dizzee Rascal headlined the main stage on Friday after sets from Shed Seven and Alabama 3.